Ramadan: The Month of Hope


Allah Azza WA JAL Chiquita banana cream
butter anaconda Aruba let him initiate
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muhammad ali jinnah ramadan allah
muhammad nur and l multible Allah is
Allah Allah Masha Allah Mina Lavina
Amman I mean Saudi hurt whatever so big
hug what I was always sort of a menial
banana mean in today’s code but I’d like
to share with you a little history of
this incredible month that we are all
hopeful of witnessing I want to start by
praying to Allah Rizzo agenda Allah
allows all of us to benefit as much as
we possibly can from this coming month
and that he makes it a means for our
continued guidance our forgiveness it is
a means by which our hearts are softened
not just towards Allah but also towards
one another what I wanted to share with
you is actually something from the surah
that the only surah that actually talks
about Ramadan suratul baqarah and where
this ayah is mentioned or the ayat about
Ramadan are mentioned are actually a
progression that was mentioned something
much much much before then this
discussion actually begins with Adam
alehissalaam himself adam alayhis-salam
this incredible creature that allah made
that he even commanded the angels
because of his creation to make sajda
this incredible creation was given Jenna
the place that we eventually want to go
back home and which this is important to
know because about Jenna
Allah describes believers as very soon
una caja moon valley Coon and Latina
Yeti to Nintendo’s frumpy ha ha Lagoon
that people that will go back to heaven
are actually gaining heaven or Jenna as
inheritance inheritance means your
ancestors owned it that’s what that
and that was that was the home given to
our father adam adocus salaam and that’s
where humanity began and which is why
when we go back to Jenna were actually
Wiley soon
we’re actually inheriting what was
already mentioned meant for us you know
there are some treasures from some
money’s in life that you have to
by the work of your hand and there are
some that are yours because the family
passed it down to you you know there’s a
property that was passed down money that
was passed down a car that was passed
down and it’s yours or jewelry that was
passed down general is a bit of both it
is meant for us because it was given to
our Father and we cannot get it without
work it’s kind of both things at the
same time but in any case Allah as
though it has gave this amazing gift to
Audemars they said Ivan used to speak to
adam alayhis-salam directly he gave him
advice directly he told him to eat
freely you know and you know good he
told our mother and our Father both of
them that they can have whatever they
want in the agenda you all know the
story except for this one tree you know
and when he gave all of this advice one
thing that I want your attention on is
that Allah Azza WA JAL addressed Adam
alehissalaam directly you enter without
you can Jenna he talked to them directly
and you can imagine Jenna what Allah
Himself describes is indeed Allah tell
ventaja it’s a metal mat wa Jenna is
very high up but the earth is this
worldly life is called dunya dunya in
arabic comes from the word at the nights
the feminine form of low and it’s
actually means the lowest possible life
you can have you can only get higher
from here and the higher is actually
Jenna it’s the highest it’s right under
the arch of the line when I on describe
this a little nijem it’s right in that
proximity so what I’m trying to get it
is known not only is Adonai thinks I’m
speaking with online a live speaking
with him he’s very close to Allah the
one of the great marvels of genda isn’t
just the trees and the food and the but
but actually the closeness to allah
himself subhanahu wa’ta’ala that’s a
remarkable gift of Jannah and yet adam
made a fatal mistake Nawaz visage
Shaitaan was successful his whisper was
successful and the mistake took place
and a lot of people misunderstand and
think that as a result adam
alayhis-salam was punished and the
punishment was that he will be sent all
the way down to this planet earth that’s
how life here began for human beings
other running saddam was sent here as a
punishment when you study the surah in
the Quran carefully you discover that
actually automatic Salam was not say
here as a punishment that’s actually a
common Christian view that you know this
life is a curse and man was is paying
for the original sin and all of that
were not we actually believe good lumo
luden eulogize antipathy every human
being is born on a predisposed goodness
and as a matter of fact even describing
this earth within the context of the
story of Adam Alonso Joe says about this
life on this earth he says Vijayan Allah
comfy haba is camila macaron he put a
lot of things here for you to make sure
you can live really well your soul so
little that you’re grateful like Allah
didn’t describe this earth as a
punishment he described this or if
there’s something marvelous and
beautiful as a matter of fact the more
you study for are the more you
appreciate the creation around you he’ll
describe the beauty with which he you
know made a camel or the mountain or the
sky or the tree or the food that you eat
or even the wrappings of the food when a
flew that sonic mom in other words Allah
did not make this world ugly he made
this world beautiful and he made this
world a means of sustenance for us so
that we could become grateful as in many
places in the Quran you learned that a
lot of the gifts of this world one of
their purposes is to remind you if this
is so beautiful I imagine what the
original home was like like it’s
supposed to remind you of the original
meaning Genda it’s a preview even though
gender is beyond our imagination but
there are some things in common isn’t it
although we’ll talk about trees in
general how it would you and I know what
a tree is if we let it give us trees in
this earth he’ll talk about rivers he’ll
talk about milk he’ll talk about honey
he’ll talk about you know the flesh of
birds you know he’ll talk about these
that you would never appreciate those
things if you didn’t have some taste of
it here so it’s because he made this
Jannah in a sense this world he made it
in a sense of preview of what is coming
but regardless let me get back to my
point the point is automatic setup used
to be very close to Allah and now as a
result of that slip-up Allah is sending
him down to the earth again you and I
know it’s not a punishment but it feels
like it because you just left Jenna and
you’ve been brought down here and Jenna
is you’re not on hold you don’t get old
you don’t get sick you have nothing to
you have no sadness when you come down
here left at Hawkinson Africa but human
beings are going to be you know drowning
in toil in labor they’re going to be
hungry they’re going to be sick they’re
going to get weak they’re going to have
to work they can’t just be fed without
any problems that you know this world is
just full of problems that’s what it
comes with and beautiful as it is it’s
not easy every one of us has struggles
in life and so Allah will put us on this
earth and it what are the worst things
about it that you can imagine Adam
adding salaam fields is that he used to
be so close to Allah and now he’s so so
so far from Allah he was so highly
ranked and you know dignified that even
the Angels were commanded to do such
that and now he’s being sent down and by
the way in the ayah in which he’s been
sent down a beetle Minho jamia and it’s
him our mother hala and at least all of
them are being sent down meaning now I
have to share this place I used to be
above the rank of angels and now I have
to share this place even with at least
in his lineage this is what I’ve been
brought down to it’s humiliating that’s
it’s a humiliation and he feels very
distant from Allah as no attempt and but
as Allah was sending him down Allah gave
him an opportunity and reminded him by
the way there will be a way that you and
your children and their children and
their children will be able to make
their way back up you’ve been sent down
but you’ll have a way to come back up
and so he says to him for my Athiya
knock on mini wooden samantha be ayodhya
for the – allah allahu nafsan come down
from here meaning descend from heaven
come down on this earth on this planet
but he says if and when guidance comes
to you any guidance comes to you from me
Tim and that means the plural not just
Adam – guidance to Adam but to his
children at any point in history when I
decide to send you guidance whoever
decides to follow my guidance there’s
not going to be any fear for them
they’re not going to be scared of
anything and that’s not just a reference
to what’s going to happen in this life
actually laughs when I became allow me a
saloon in its truest sense to have no
fear left and to have no sadness left is
actually one of the greatest gifts of
Gemini itself it is as lowlifes telling
him follow this guidance and watch you
and get upgraded once again you can
elevate once back again to the original
home that was the promise made to Adam
Addison I’m fine history goes through
centuries past millennia past profits
after profits after profits each one of
them fulfilling little by little the
promise that was made to Adam guidance
will come if you follow it then there’s
not going to be any fear or sadness for
those who follow it that promise kept
getting fulfilled and some just some of
those prophets Allah mentioned in the
Quran women humble amnexus a lake not so
somatic there are among them we didn’t
even tell you about there are so many
more prophets that we don’t even know
so this promise of Allah guidance coming
kept being fulfilled until that fineness
the the the promise reaches its climax
the last time that that promise was
fulfilled was when Allah decided to send
his final message to all of us to his
final messenger because there’s no more
messengers coming and that is muhammad o
rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam
and that is the Quran one of the things
about the Quran it’s really beautiful
the Prophet himself would describe it is
wah wah ha bla bla he’ll Mateen – Allah
Allah loved it is an extended Rope of
Allah from the sky to the earth the
Quran is a rope of allah from the sky to
the earth the quran will say what a
tough sea will be hubbell allahi jami
I’m hold on to Allah’s rope all together
in the laws rope as many of the
Companions commented is actually the
Quran hold on to the Quran I told you
before we’ve been sent down there has to
be a way that we can go back up and now
we’re learning there a rope was given
and this rope renfa-sama la ha it cannot
crack like a chain that link would be
broken it will not snap it will remain
and it will remain extended until
humanity comes to an end generations
will come and go but this Rope of Allah
that final rope of allah that has been
given will never be cut once again the
the teachings that were given the
guidance that was given to moosa
aleihsalaam so Holly Holly I am so sure
I even a Sarah – pre to do hi Lisa those
guidances that they were given a time
came where people forgot them and they
were lost or people change them and they
couldn’t find the truth anymore
but now Allah
this guidance that will forever remain a
means by which people can make their way
back to Allah again and that is the word
of allah that is the Quran and that
Quran meaning that final episode of the
promise of Allah given to adam
alayhis-salam in the beginning of baqara
that promise of the law reaches its
climax when Allah said Shahada Mabon
Allah the unzila fihi hill quran the
month of ramadan is the one in which the
Quran was sent down this is the ultimate
gift of Allah to all of humanity so they
can make their way back to the home that
was meant for them because it was given
as a gift to their father so we can make
it back all the way to the closeness of
Allah again this is actually as just an
introductory just a notion what is it
that we’re celebrating we’re celebrating
the fulfillment of the last promise for
the promise of hope and understand there
are people sitting in this audience and
people that might watch this recording
that felt like at some point they were
close to Allah that some feel like I
used to be a good person or there was a
time where I was kind of much better
than where I am and you fell you slipped
and you slipped really far and you feel
like you’re so far away from Allah now
there’s no hope for you you’ve been
listening to Shaitaan and you are now
just lost gone and it is I can tell you
as far as you think you and I are from
Allah I don’t think we can compare to
someone who used to be in Jannah and was
put down demoted into the earth that’s a
pretty low that’s that’s a pretty
serious demotion you know to someone who
was so close to Allah that Allah will
speak to him directly and then Allah
says to him no no no more will I speak
to you directly now I will speak to you
through revelation he’s not distance and
even he has hoped he has hope in what
revelation will come and it will
reconnect me to my brother the Quran is
not there to condemn you to hell
Quran is not there to let you know that
you have no hope the Quran is a Las
promise that you and I no matter what
mistakes we’ve made no matter how far we
fall in no matter how lost we feel we
are we are going to be like our Father
we are not going to be like at least
it leaves and abhyasa is a verb even in
the Arabic language is means to lose
one of the meanings of your beliefs is
to lose hope we will not become hopeless
we are going to maintain hope first and
foremost in ourselves when you start
telling yourself you’re a lost cause I’m
just a bad person what can I do when you
start saying that about yourself then
you have actually followed the sunnah of
a belief he’s accepted about himself
that he’s evil but human beings have
been given the opportunity you will make
Kalugin e azam ha ha own all children of
Adam are going to make mistakes
repeatedly ha ha who actually is
different from happy woman even the
Prophet are selfish and says they’ll
keep making mistakes it’s not even that
you make a mistake once you’re like
addicted to making mistakes I’m addicted
to making mistakes and yet those who
keep on making mistakes the best of them
are the ones who keep coming back to
Allah and keep coming back to Allah and
keep coming back to Allah this is the
month that was given this month is
celebrating that opportunity to come
back to Allah because this is when Allah
who has wrote down his Quran down his
words down that can keep us always and
always connected to him you know when
you really miss someone you want to call
them you want to hear their voice if
somebody’s passed away and you miss them
what do you do you play a recording of
them and you just you know watch this
child laugh or this parent talk to you
or whatever when people reminisce or
want to connect with someone it’s
necessary that they feel like they’re
engaged in conversation with them when
we feel far away from Allah we need to
be in conversation with him we want to
hear his words and that’s what Allah
gave us his word that’s what he gave us
subhana WA Ta’ala this is the month this
is an opportunity of a lifetime it’s
something so so beautiful that Allah
religion gave to us that he and the one
who caused adam alayhis-salam to slip he
changed him up in this month he puts him
on the side so you will not be
distracted again you there will be
nothing between you and allah swerd you
will be connected to it somehow Allah
and so as I conclude this I want to
share with you one of the gifts of this
there are several mentioned in the ayat
of Ramadan I just
leave you with one that I really hope
that you and I can take full advantage
of Allah Azza WA JAL says wa rasuluh
kabadi Anitha Anika deep when my slave
asks you about me then certainly I am
near Allah did not say if my slave asks
he says when my slave asked because he
expects that absolutely it will happen
he’s optimistic about you you may not be
optimistic about yourself
Allah is optimistic about you he tells
his prophet sallallaahu Marley Salem
when they ask you about me our
expectation was that Allah would tell
him when they ask you you tell them that
I’m close but no when they ask you
Allah stops talking to his messenger and
talks to you and me directly and says I
am close for sure halfway through that
ayah the conversation is no longer with
The Messenger of Allah so Allah who are
lucidum the conversation is between you
and Allah directly you will haven’t
talked to a line a long time you feel
like when you do you don’t talk to
someone you feel like they don’t want to
talk to you where were you all the time
I want to go through somebody else is he
still mad at me you know you don’t want
to deal with them directly but allah so
it just breaks that wall he comes to you
directly and says i am most certainly
near so in the edebe and then you feel
like you’ve been so far away why would
he answer my prayers and he says oh gee
that was a da I immediately respond to
the single daughter of the one who makes
done the single prayer the single
request the single call of the one who
made the call in other words in this
beautiful ayah Allah isn’t even talking
about the one who makes hours and hours
of Dada
he’s talking about someone who turned to
Allah just one time even one time Allah
doesn’t say oh okay all this time you
party and now you need something and you
come to me for Dora get lost no no no no
no I will immediately respond even to
that person at that one time that they
made the door and what are his
qualifications you know we feel like if
you’re going to be able to address
someone important you should have
prerequisites it was always the case and
even spiritually speaking people might
you know feel well if you’re going to
to Allah and you better be dressed
properly you better be in the mustard
it’s the best place to make dua is the
Haram or the Carvel or as much as in EE
or you have better you know have stopped
sinning and then you should make better
and all of those things are true but in
this ayah hope Allah says the only
qualification I need from you is that
you’re ready to make the door that’s it
you could be in the lowest in the pits
of darkness just turn back to Allah
nobody else you’re not doing this to
show anybody else how religious you are
or to impress anybody else or you’re not
concerned about the judgment of anybody
else people around you and me will think
much they either think much better than
who we are or much worse than who we are
people around you think you’re really
good person and you know what you are or
people around you think you’re a
horrible human being
yeah there’s no goodness in you and
neither of them know Allah knows Allah
knows and you know you don’t let the
judgment of people fool you you don’t
let you yourself do that you don’t even
know where you stand only Allah truly
knows so you leave all of those
judgments behind doesn’t matter what
people say about you good or bad it
doesn’t matter what they say about you
you just turn to Allah and you asked him
you forgot about the noise all the other
nodes and whenever you make that Dada
Dada I will respond to the one who makes
the call I now Allah says respond
immediately whenever he makes the call
this is in the context of the month of
Ramadan especially in the month of
Ramadan because Allah has extended his
rope call on Allah ask Allah for things
speak with Allah speak with Allah when
you’re alone speak with alone when
you’re in the car you don’t have to
speak tailed lion Arabic it’s ok you can
speak to him in Punjabi it’s fine
you can speak to him in Bangla you can
speak to him in English it’s completely
fine you can speak – you have to speak
to him and folks how you can speak them
in on me at school unless I would have
taught all languages if you don’t know
the language of the scripture it’s fine
you but the the thing Allah wants from
you is to connect to him directly first
and foremost to speak with him to call
on him to call on him how many people
actually call out in love
talk to Allah beg before Allah cry
before Allah the more you will talk to
him you know we we feel awkward somebody
might see me talking to myself in the
car you know
maybe I’ve got a psychological problem
you know this is what’s called the
Mandalay you truly believe in the a if
you feel awkward then you feel like he’s
not really listening if you truly
believe that he’s listening talk to him
who cares what would I don’t let anybody
else thinks that’s just between you and
him and so he makes a request of you he
gave you an offer I’ll answer your
prayers when you call whenever you call
I will answer but on the flip side of it
he made a request from you he says for
you mean awfully edgy bully then at the
very least they should at least try to
respond to me you’re talking to Allah
and Allah says I’ll respond to you but
now Allah says you should respond to me
too or at least try to respond to me –
he didn’t say respond because that would
mean you have to be perfect
he said try to respond if P Java at
least show me the desire to respond but
if you want to respond to someone you
have to hear them first it’s impossible
to respond to somebody unless you listen
to them if there was no request made
there’s no response
if there’s no questions asked there’s no
response so the fact that I’m life
asking for a response means he’s asking
you to listen to him first but how do
you listen to Allah oh wait that’s what
the word of Allah is when you’re
reciting the word of Allah when you’re
listening to the word of Allah when
you’re thinking about the word of Allah
you’re listening to things that require
a response that’s a lot talking to you
so he says it’s time you’re speaking to
me let me speak to you – you want me to
respond what a tourist try and respond
to me – this is telling us that the
Quran at its core is actually a
conversation between the slave and the
master dar is when we speak to Allah
Quran is when Allah speaks to us so
beautiful that’s what that’s how a
conversation becomes complete isn’t it
it can’t just be one way it has to be
both ways we have to listen to Allah and
then Allah will listen to us also
well you meenu be and continue to
believe in me Allah whom your children
so they may be said straight we are now
learning the essential ingredients for
how to fix our life how do I fix my life
how do you fix your life
actually to truly be in conversation
with Allah I will speak with him and he
will speak with me I will speak with him
with my jaw with my request with my
supplication with my confessions to him
with my admissions to him about where I
stand what I need what my mistakes are
how sorry I am what I you know what I
hope to accomplish what could better
myself how I stay I’m hopeful when I
when I meet him that I don’t disappoint
that he forgives me for the mistakes
that I made all of those are my
conversations to him and now when he
speaks to me when he gives speaks to me
it’s not that he’s by the way he’s not
just telling you what to do when he
speaks to you when he speaks to you he’s
giving you hope he’s making you grateful
he’s making you conscious and aware he’s
making you cook you know aware of the
people around you and how you treat them
he’s opening your eyes to reality this
this conversation will set you straight
there are some people you know when you
have a problem you just need to talk to
these eyes are telling you these thirty
days or days to talk to Allah there’s a
conversation we have to have that Allah
if you can accomplish that some of you
are working at nighttime you can’t make
it to that hour we have prayer some of
you are you know they’re gonna have a
hard time coming into the metro you
can’t listen to lectures of the ruse or
whatever some of you have exams or you
know you’re taking extra courses in the
summer you have a busy Dhamma bond it’s
not going to be an easy time for some of
you is going to be very very busy those
of you that can make the time for X ray
about are wonderful those of you who
can’t understand this fundamental and
your Ramadan will be beautiful it’s not
just about fasting it’s about
reconnecting and re-engaging Allah as I
was in in conversation in this
prescribed in this guided way me allows
them to make all of us those who
directly speak with Allah and Allah
Rizzo speaks to our hearts through his
book barakallahu li walakum al-quran is
Hakim when a foreign Eva Yacouba diet
radical hakim al hamdu lillahi wa kafa
salat wa salam wa ala a body hindered
enos pasa pasa nada body him Muhammad
Nabeel in Muhammad al-amin
alayhi wa sahbihi ajma’in Allah Azza WA
JAL psyche tevinter him in Muhammad Ali
so Luna ala nabina a you had latina
amanu sallu alayhi wasallam udas lima
allahumma salli ala muhammadin wa ala
muhammad rasool allah is rahim allah Ali
Ibrahim Afellay al-amin in comida Majid
allahumma barik ala muhammadin wa ala
ali muhammad come a varactor Allegra him
deliver him asylum in in mecca hamid
majid a bar de la próxima Kamala attack
ala inna llaha ya’muru bil ad-lib
election where ETA evil Corps but when
ha an infraction evil known Karbala dick
allahu akbar allahu allah ma toes neroon
alchemist Allah in the Salah Turkana
talent mini- oh no puta

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