Slam Meaning in Hindi

Slam Meaning in Hindi


In Hindi, the word “slam” (स्लैम) primarily refers to the following meanings:


  1. धड़ाके का शब्द (dhaṛāke kā śabd): This refers to the sound or action of slamming, often associated with a forceful impact or closing of something. It can be used to describe the sound of squash or a slam.
  2. शक्तिशाली मार (śaktiśālī mār): This indicates a powerful strike or hit, emphasizing the force behind the action.
  3. शक्तिशाली प्रहार (śaktiśālī prahār): Similar to the previous meaning, it signifies a forceful attack or blow.


  1. मारना (mārnā): This means “to hit” or “to strike” and can be used to describe physically impacting or striking something or someone.
  2. पराजित करना (parājit karnā): It implies “to defeat” or “to overpower” someone or something, often used metaphorically.
  3. तेज़ आवाज़ के साथ बंद करना (tez āvāz ke sāth band karnā): This means “to shut with a loud sound” or “to forcefully close something with a loud noise,” indicating a sudden and forceful action of closing.
  4. धड़क (dhaḍak): This refers to the action of panting or breathing heavily, indicating a rapid or excited breathing pattern.
  5. जोर (jor): This signifies emphasis, accentuation, or force, indicating the application of strength or power to something.

Other Meanings:

  • Slam meaning in English: Refers to a forceful impact, loud noise, or a critical review or comment.
  • Slam meaning in Urdu: It can refer to a strong hit, blow, or impact.

Additional phrases you mentioned:

  • Grand slam meaning in Hindi: Grand slam is used in the context of sports, particularly tennis, referring to winning all four major championships in a single year.
  • Get slammed meaning in Hindi: This can be interpreted as “झटका खाना” (jhaṭkā khānā) or “प्रहार किया जाना” (prahār kiyā jānā), indicating experiencing a sudden and strong impact or attack.
  • Slam meaning in Gujarati: Refers to a forceful impact, loud noise, or a critical review or comment, similar to the English meaning.
  • Hysterics meaning in Hindi: In Hindi, it can be translated as “हिस्टीरिया” (histīrīyā), which refers to an uncontrollable outburst of emotions, often accompanied by crying, laughter, or other exaggerated behavior.
  • Slam meaning in Punjabi: Similar to the English meaning, it can indicate a forceful impact, loud noise, or a critical review or comment.
  • Slam poetry meaning in Hindi: Slam poetry is a form of spoken word poetry characterized by its passionate and expressive delivery, often performed in competitive events called poetry slams. In Hindi, it can be translated as “स्लैम कविता” (slaim kavitā) or “वक्ता गाथा”

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