Swalaatu Rooh (Especially for your deceased people)

Swalaatu Rooh (Especially for your deceased people)


>> Reciting it once is equal to reciting the
whole of the *Dala’ilu-l Khayrat*
>>Reciting it 3 times at a graveyard will
provide its occupants relief from the
punishments of the
grave for 80 years >> Reciting it 4 times protects the dead
from all tribulations of the grave
till the Day of Judgement.
>>Reciting it 24 times for one’s parents
would deem one to have discharged
one’s duties to them. Such parents would be visited
by a thousand angels
>>Reciting it daily brings about
purification of the heart, immense
beneficial effects on
the body and soul, and an exalted position here and in the Hereafter
>>Many spiritual guides have stated that
this salutation is equivalent to 1,000
Darood Shareef

Allâhumma salli ‘alâ Muhammadin
mâdâmati-s salawât, wa salli ‘alâ
mâdâmati-r rahmah, wa salli ‘alâ
Muhammadin mâdâmati-l barakâh, wa
salli ‘alâ rûhi Muhammadin fi-l arwâh, wa salli ‘alâ sûrati Muhammadin
fi-s suwar, wa
salli ‘alâ ismi Muhammadin fi-l asmâ’,
wa salli ‘alâ nafsi Muhammadin fi-n
nufûs, wa salli ‘alâ qalbi Muhammadin fi-l
qulûb, wa salli ‘alâ qabri Muhammadin fi-l
qubûr, wa salli ‘alâ
rawdati Muhammadin fi-r riyâd, wa salli
‘alâ jasadi Muhammadin fi-l ajsâd,
wa salli ‘alâ turbati Muhammadin fi-t
turâb, wa salli ‘alâ ummati Muhammadin fi-l umam,
wa salla-Llahu wa sallama wa bâraka
‘alâ khairi khalqihi sayyidinâ
Muhammadin wa âlihi
wa ashâbihi wa azwâjihi wa dhurriyâtihi
wa ahli baytihi wa ahbâbihi
ajma’în, bi-rahmatika
yâ arhama-r râhimîn, wa-l hamdulillâhi
rabbi-l ‘âlamîn.

[*O Allāh, invoke benedictions upon the
praised one till Your benedictions
are completed, *
*Your mercy is exhausted, and Your
blessings are fulfilled.*
*And whelm the soul of the praised one, from amongst all spirits, with Your
*benedictions; ennoble the appearance
of the praised one, from amongst all
forms, with Your*
*choicest benedictions; exalt the name of the praised one, from amongst all
appellations, with*
*Your choicest benedictions; exalt the
quintessence of the praised one, from
amongst all*
*essence, with Your choicest benedictions; illuminate the heart of the
praised one, from*
*amongst all bosoms, with Your
choicest benedictions; enwrap the resting
abode of the*
*praised one, from amongst all graves, with Your choicest benedictions;
shower the garden of*
*the praised one, from amongst all fields,
with Your choicest benedictions;
clothe the body of*
*the praised one, from amongst all beings, with Your choicest benedictions;
perfume the dust*
*of the praised one, from amongst all
earth, with Your choicest
benedictions; and honour the*
*nation of the praised one, from amongst all people, with Your choicest
*May Allāh invoke benedictions, bestow
peace, and shower blessings upon the
best of His*
*Creation, our liege-lord Muhammad, and on his pure family, noble
companions, faithful*
*wives, blessed progeny, protected
household, and ardent lovers. Through
Your Mercy, O*
*Most Merciful of the merciful. And praise be to Allāh, Lord of all the

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