Chaudhaweeñ Ka Chaand Hai Roo-e-Habeeb
Awr Hilaal-e-‘Eid Abroo-e-Habeeb

The True Full Moon Is The Face of The Beloved
And The Real Eid Crescent, Are The Eyebrows of The Beloved

Jaan Ko Qurbaañ Karuñ Misl-e-Chakor
Khwaab Meiñ Dekhuñ Agar Roo-e-Habeeb

Like A Partridge I Should Sacrifice My Life, Captivated
If In My Dream I Get To See The Face of The Beloved

‘Arz Karna Be-Kali Meri Saba
Ho Guzar Tera Agar Soo-e-Habeeb

O Sweet Breeze! Have My Restless State, Communicated
If Ever You Pass By The Direction of The Beloved

Zaahido! Hai Fikr Tum Ko Khuld Ki
Hum Ko Pahuncha-e Khuda Koo-e-Habeeb

O Ascetics! About Paradise You Are Troubled
May Allah Allow Us To Reach The Street of The Beloved

Jo Fana Haiñ ‘Ishq-e-Maula Meiñ Unheñ
Aati Hai Taiba Se Khushboo-e-Habeeb

In The Love of The Master, Those Who Are Captivated
They Receive From Taiba, The Fragrance of The Beloved


Wo Madine Se Ut’hi Kaali Ghata
Wo Khulay Pur Noor Gaisoo-e-Habeeb

There, From Madina The Black Cloud Ascended
There, Full of Light, Opened The Hair of The Beloved

Baar-Baar Aate Thay Jibreel-e-Ameeñ
Is Qadar Marghoob Tha Koo-e-Habeeb

Repeatedly Descended, Jibreel, The Entrusted
So Attractive To Him Was The Street of The Beloved

‘Ishq Meiñ Paas-e-Shari’at Ho Zaroor
‘Aashiqo! Ye Hai Tarazoo-e-Habeeb

In Love, Due Respect To The Shari’at, Must Be Observed
O True Lovers! This Is The Scale of The Beloved

Dushmanoñ Ko Zulm Ke Badle Dua
Maiñ Tere Qurbaan Ay Khoo-e-Habeeb

In Response To Their Tyranny, For The Enemies He Supplicated
Upon You I Am Sacrificed, O Sacred Conduct of The Beloved

Us Ko Sheroñ Par Sharaf Haasil Huwa
Jo Bana Adna Sag-e-Koo-e-Habeeb

Eminence Over Lions He Has Surely Attained
Who Became A Humble Dog of The Holy Street of The Beloved

Dhoondte Haiñ Sab Raza-Mandi-e-Haq
Haq Ta’ala Hai Raza Joo-e-Habeeb

All Are Seeking For The Almighty To Be Pleased
Almighty Allah Wills, The Pleasure of The Beloved


Sab Nazar Rakhte Haiñ Khaaliq Ki Taraf
Awr Khaaliq Ki Nazar Soo-e-Habeeb

Towards The Almighty’s Nearness, All Eyes Are Directed
And The Divine Sight of The Creator, Is Directed To The Beloved


Hazrat-e-Khaalid Ka Hai Ye Tajraba

Jang Meiñ Kaam Aate Haiñ Moo-e-Habeeb

In Battle, This Is What Hazrat Khalid, Experienced
Granting Benefit In Battle, Is The Sacred Hair of The Beloved

Apne Oopar Baar ‘Aalam Ka Liya
Marhaba Ay Zor-e-Baazoo-e-Habeeb

Upon Himself The Burden of The World, He Has Lifted
Bravo! O Strength of The Shoulders of The Beloved

Maut Hai Nazdeek Chal Soo-e-Habeeb

O Jameel The Qaadiri, Come To Your Senses, Alerted
Death Is Near, So Go In The Direction of The Beloved

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