Importance of 10th Muharram in Islam

Importance of 10th Muharram in Islam



The fast of Aashurah is very exalted and a means of great blessing. It
is, however, recommended that when fasting for Aashurah, one
should fast on the ninth and tenth. The Great Masha’ikh have stated
that to perform Ghusl on the day of Aashurah protects one from
illnesses for the entire year. It has been narrated in Shaami; Kitaab us
Saum that, one who prepares the best of meals in their homes on the
day of Aashurah will be blessed with Barkat in sustenance for the
an entire year, and one who uses Surma on the day of Ashura, will be
protected from any problems of the eye for an entire year. (Tafseer-Naeemi)
If one performs two Raka’ats of Nafil Salaah after Esha, on the eve
of Aashurah, by reading in each Raka’at Surah Faateha one and
Surah Ikhlas thrice, then Almighty Allah will brighten his grave until
Qiyaamat. Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas  reports that, one who
performs four Raka’ats of Nafil on the day of Ashura in this
manner, that in every Raka’at after Surah Fatiha, he recites Surah
Ikhlas fifty times then Almighty Allah will forgive fifty years of his
sins, and grant him one thousand pulpits of Noor in Jannat ul
Firdaus. (Roohul Bayaan)
It has been stated that if a person reads four Raka’ats of Nafil with
Surah Fatiha once and Surah Ikhlas fifteen times in each Raka’at,
for the first ten days of Muharram, and then sends the sawaab to the
Blessed Souls of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain (Radi Allahu
anhum), then Insha Allah, Hasnain Karimain shall intercede on his
behalf on the day of Qiyaamat. It is desirable to do the following on
the day of Ashura:

1. To give Sadqa
2. To take the blessings of the Awliyah and Ulama
3. To run one hand with love on the head of an orphan
4. To increase the sustenance of your family
5. To clip one nail
6. To visit the sick
7. To make Dua
8. To read Durood Shareef in abundance
9. To make Istighfar
All the above actions are means of great benefit and reward, and
should be done with sincerity.
May Almighty Allah through the Wasila of Mahboob-e-Azam Aqaae-Mukarram Muhammadur Rasoolullah bless us with the remaining
firm on the Path of the Ahle Sunnah, and passing from this world
with Imaan. Aameen

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