Islamic stories in English

Islamic stories in English


The shirt of Yusuf

After revealing to his brothers that he was the King of Egypt, he straightaway asked about the health of his father Ya’qub The brothers replied that since he went missing he cried and cried and this has led to the impairment of his eyesight to such an extent that he can no longer see. Yusuf told his brothers to take his shirt and put it over his father’s face and his eyesight will return. The brother, that had taken the shirt to his father showing the bloodstains to him when they had lost Yusuf in the jungle, requested that as he had caused grief to his father on that day, he would be the one that goes and puts the shirt over his father’s eyes so that vision returns. The brothers left Egypt and made their way towards Canaan, the smell of Yusuf’s shirt was sensed by his father who was all the way in Canaan. He told the people that he could smell his son Yusuf but the people replied that this could not be possible as so many years had gone by. The brothers emerged with the shirt and put it over the face of Ya’qub, and straightaway his eyesight returned to normal and he thanked Allah for the return of his eyesight. He ended by saying that I “I know what you people do not know” Qur’an: Yusuf 93 & Ruhul Bayan The nisbat that is gained from Allah’s Prophets and saints is illustrated by the tac le people become cured if they are ill. It was Yusuf’s l shirt that cured his honorable father’s eyesight problem. This fact is stated clearly in the Qur’an. Is it justified too that such Nisbet is Shirk?

The reunion From the blessings of Yusuf’s shirt

The reunion From the blessings of Yusuf’s shirt, Ya’qub a’s eyesight returned. After reading the dawn prayer, Ya’qub prayed for the forgiveness of his sons. His prayer was accepted and it was revealed to him that Allah had pardoned his sons’ mistakes. Meanwhile, Yusuf R sent 200 carts filled with necessities, so that his father could come and live in Egypt. Ya’qub decided to leave Canaan and gathered the family; – there were a total of 72, which included men, women, and children. When Ya’qub neared Egypt, Yusuf with an army of 1000 and a great number of Egyptians on horseback set off to waving silk flags to welcome Ya’qub, When Ya’qub saw him he asked his son Yahuda “Is this the Pharaoh of Egypt’s army, which advances with such pump and splendor “? Yahuda replied, “No, this is your son Yusuf.” Then Jibreel appeared and said “Your majesty look upwards, even the angels (who at one time used to grieve with you) of the skies do not want to miss this auspicious occasion. The angels praising Allah, the neighing of the horses, and the atmosphere are creating a unique atmosphere, as the date was the tenth of Muharram. When father and son neared, Yusuf wished to praise his father, when Jibreel told Yusuf to pause and let his father speak. Ya’qub said “O you, who takes away grief! Peace be with you! “They embraced each other, cried, and then entered a beautifully decorated tent. On entering Egypt, Yusuf sat on his throne and sat his parents on the throne too. Upon seeing the splendor, nobility, and dignity of Yusuf, his parents and his brothers prostrated to the ground. This fulfilled the dream that Yusuf saw, Qur’an: Yusuf 97-100 & Khazahinul Irfan when eleven stars, the sun, and moon prostrated in front of him.

Allah describes this story as Ahsanal Qasas- “the best of narratives”. Allah has deemed the story of Yusuf as one of the best, so who are we to dispute that fact? The dream of Yusuf came true as the eleven brothers and his father and aunt did prostration towards him. The Sajda to Yusuf was lawful in that Ummah but not in the shariah of Sayyiduna Muhammad Rasulallah. As a sign of respect, however, the shaKing and/or kissing of the hands respectfully is permitted in Islam as shown by the Prophet of Allah himself.


The unseasoned fruit

Sayyida Maryam’s mother during her pregnancy vowed “My Lord! The life inside me will be devoted to your worship. She anticipated a baby boy but instead gave birth to a girl. She was named Maryam. She kept true to her vow and she took the baby to Bayt al-Maqdis, where she was placed under the guardianship of Sayyiduna Zakariyya (Maryam’s uncle). Zakariyya made a small room in the mosque so that he could keep a close eye on her, nobody was allowed to enter but himself. He was surprised that whenever he entered the room, there were always numerous types of fresh fruits present which were usually unavailable because it was not the season for that particular fruit. One day he asked Maryam “Tell me, who is supplying you these fruits in this closed room where no one else enters? “She replied” They are sent from Allah, He gives to whom He wishes. “Zakariyya who was more than 75 years old at the time, whose hair was white and his voice had cracked with age, and no children thought to himself that if Allah can bless Maryam were of season fruits, then surely He can bless me with children. He sat and prayed beside Maryam “O Lord, bless me with a pure child, you are the best of listeners” After the prayer, Jibreel descended immediately and gave Zakariyya the good news that Allah would bless them with a

Today, who will be called Yahya (John) “Qur’an Ale Imran 35-39 & Ruhul Bayan The unseasoned Fruits appearing in Maryam’s hut was a Karama and not a mujizaah. The latter is specific only to Allah’s Prophets (Alayhis Salam Ajameen). This account s that it is the Aqida of Allah’s Prophets to make du’a (supplication) at places of barakah and blessings. Zakariyya al prayed in Maryam’s room and received the good news of a son, despite being old aged. Allah not only sent the good tidings of a child but also that it would be a boy and that it would be a pious child who became a Prophet proves of Allah. • 119. The sign of Allah One day, Maryam was sitting alone, when Jibreel descended in the form of a human. Maryam was started and asked the man “Who are you and what do you want?” He replied, “Do not be scared, Allah has sent me to bless you with a baby boy.” She replied that “How can I possibly give birth to a child when I am not married and no man has come near me? “He said,” Allah has decided that a child can be born without a father. There is nothing too difficult for Him. I am doing this to make people “ware of my mercy and of my presence. When Maryam heard this, she was convinced. By Allah’s blessing, Maryam became pregnant, at which everyone was astonished. The first person to learn of her condition was ner Cousin Yusuf, who noticed her absence from prayers. One day, he said to Maryam that how was it possible for a tree to grow without rain, and a child to be born without a father? ” She replied, “Allah created Adam without a father and Eve without a mother, so why should it not be possible this time?”

Allah told Maryam to leave her people and go far away. When the pain started, she leaned against a date palm. With a sense of disgrace and repentance, she said “Oh, if only I could have died before this event A about food, being alone or what people will say. Allah has created a soon as she uttered this, she heard a voice” O Maryam, do not worry stream, and shake the date palm tree so that dates will drop for you Maryam shook the tree and dates were showered upon her from which she ate. The tree she shook bore fruits straight away which was a mercy from Allah. When Isa was born, Allah told Maryam to vow a fast of silence if anybody was to ask about the child in her arms. Maryam carried her child to the people, who looked at her in surprise. They said, “You have done a terrible wrong. Your parents were never like this, shame on you.” Maryam pointed towards the child saying “Don’t say anything to me, if there is anything you need to know then ask my son”. The people took this as an insult, saying that how can we ask a feeding child? At that moment Isa stopped feeding for a moment and turned his attention towards the people and said “I am the servant of Allah – Allah has sent me with a book (Bible), and has made me a Prophet. Allah has prescribed Prayer and Charity upon me. He has also sent me to respect and take care of my mother “. When the people saw a feeding child speak they were astonished and could not believe their eyes. This quietened the crowd and they were all left speechless. Qur’an: Maryam 17-34, Khazahinul Irfan Allah is Powerful over all things. He is not dependent on anything to make someone happen. Jibreel came to Maryam in the form of a man. He came in the appearance of a man, but Jibreel is made out of Allah’s divine light. The same is true of our beloved Prophet who is Nur but has come to us in the form of a human being: also note that Jibreel said to Maryam that I will give you a child, it is easy for me Angels only ever execute the commands of Allah Almighty. They are ‘programmed only to obey Allah. So when Jibreel said this Allah intended him to say so.

Student or teacher?


Student or teacher? took him to a teacher and asked the teacher to educate him. Maryam Tho’s teacher told Isa to read Bismillah but Isa read Bismilla hir When Isa reached the age where he was able to walk, his mother Bahmaanir Rahim -‘ In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful. The teacher then asked him to read the alphabet, Isa replied “do you know the meanings of these letters?” The teacher replied “no”. Then Isa explained the meanings, the first letter which is Alif means Allah, and so on. The teacher told Maryam to take her son home because he has come into this world with knowledge, how can I teach him? Nuzhatul Majaalis This astonishing account demonstrates the fact quite clear that Allah’s Prophets are not taught but they come already taught. Allah Almighty himself has taken on this task upon himself. Logic tells us that Allah has taught his messengers everything they need to know otherwise how could they express the truth and refute any allegations they face. And yet there are so-called Muslims today who say that Prophets do not know anything (Ma’azallah) •


The hand of the Messiah

The hand of the Messiah In his childhood, Isa went to a town with his mother, where the

people had gathered around the king’s palace. When Isa asked some people what was happening, he found out that the king’s wife was very close to delivering a baby but could not deliver. The people had gathered praying towards the idols for success. Isa replied “if I put my hand on the stomach of the king’s wife, then she will straightaway give birth” Upon hearing this he was taken to the king. Isa 2 told the king that if I say “the sex of the child is male”, then I put my hand over her stomach then whatever I say will be. Isa told the king that if I do such a thing would you embrace faith in Allah? The king replied “yes”. Isa said, “the life in the stomach is a boy who will have a black mole on his face and a white mole on his stomach”. He then requested for Allah’s sake for the baby to come out and it did immediately. The king upon seeing this was about to embrace Islam but the crowd told him that it was all an act of ‘black magic. Nuzhatul Majaalis Allah’s Prophets are sent as problem solvers. Whenever the need arises, they help people. Allah’s Prophets also reveal hidden news that no one else can know. Today’s science can tell us from a relatively early stage the sex of the child. But they can not give the detail and character of the child, as Allah, in the Qur’an, as given on several occasions. For example when Allah gave Zakariyya glad tidings of a pious boy named Yahya. This is yet more proof that Allah’s Prophet have knowledge of the unseen.

The lame and blind thieves

The lame and blind thieves stayed at a wealthy man’s house. This wealthy man used to accommodate a lot of helpless and poor citizens as his guests. One day he was burgled. At the age of nine, Isa went to Egypt with his mother where they

the blind man to lift this lame person together with himself and stand up. The blind man replied, “I am very weak and helpless, and I will be unable to fulfill your command.” Isa replied then how was it that you were full of energy on the eve of the burglary. Upon hearing this, the blind man started shivering, and it was he and the same person who had His suspicions were on the helpless people that he sheltered. Isa told his mother to tell the wealthy man to gather all the poor guests. Once they were gathered Isa came amongst them and grabbed one lame person and put him on top of a blind person. He then ordered committed the offense. The story shows that the Prophets of Allah have the knowledge of the past, present, and future. Therefore it is our duty to have faith in their knowledge as whoever does not have incomplete faith. Nuzhatul Majaalis The greedy Jew had two pieces of bread and Isa had one piece. Isa suggested to Sayyiduna Isa ibn Maryam one day on his travels met a Jew.

The Jew

the Jew that they share their food? The Jew agreed, but when he saw that Isa had only one piece of bread he asked himself why he got tangled r this promise. When the time came to eat, the Jew only took out one slice of bread. Isa said to the man “You had two pieces where has the other one gone?” the Jew replied, “It is not true for I only had one.” After they ate, they proceeded with their journey when they met a blind

man. Isa prayed for him and his eyesight returned. After performing this miracle Isa said to the Jew “I swear by Allah who accepted my prayer for this blind man, tell me where did the other bread go?” The Jew replied, “I also swear that I only had one bread.” As the journey continued they saw a deer. Isa called upon the deer to come to him, in doing so he was slaughtered and skinned and the meat was eaten. At that moment Isa said to the bones of the deer, “Get up in the name of Allah”, straightaway the deer got up. Again Isa said to the Jew, now you have seen the extreme mercy of Allah, tell me where did the other piece of bread go? This time the Jew replied, “But I did not have another loaf in the first place.” As the journey progressed a point came where Isa decided to rest. At that moment the Jew stole Isa’s stick and felt happy. The reason being was that he thought he could perform the miracles that Isa had performed earlier. He announced in the village that he could awaken the dead. The people took him to the herbalist who was very ill. They asked the Jew to cure him. The Jew hit the stick on his head that killed the herbalist. He then said “now watch me bring him back to life”, he then recited what Isa had read but there was no change. The villagers were angered by what he had done and grabbed him and decided to hang him. In the meantime Isa arrived at the scene and said that I will bring back to life your herbalist, upon this, they let the Jew-free. Once again Isa spoke to the Jew about the piece of bread and once more he denied knowledge of it. When they started walking further, they saw three gold bricks, Isa said “I’ll have a brick, you can have the second brick, but the third brick will go to the person who ate the third piece of bread. The Jew replied” It was me who ate the third bread “Upon saying this Isa gave him the third brick. On receiving the brick the Jew was very happy and went on his way. It was not long before Allah punished him by burying him in the ground with his bricks and that was the end of him. Nuzhatul Majaalis

Is there a more unfortunate man who has lived, who saw Isa’s miracles and had e willing to lie despite having countless clear evidences against them. his life spared for murdering someone and yet persisted in lying for a piece of bread? These people are This man epitomized the people who are materialists and seek only wealth and glory.

The crucifixion The Jews

The crucifixion The Jews were the worst enemies of Sayyiduna Isa, They troubled him by labeling him a magician and saying similar things about his mother. Isa 9 was very hurt by these accusations and he prayed to Allah, “O Lord, I am your Prophet, let these people taste your punishment.” His prayer was accepted. Allah punished these people by turning them into monkeys and pigs. The leader of the Jews at that time heard of this and decided that somehow or another Isa must be killed. Allah sent Jibreel to inform him of the planned murder. Jibreel according to Allah’s command told Isa of the plan and also lifted him alive towards the heavens. Meanwhile, the Jews, the enemy of Christ had surrounded his house. They sent one man into the house to see if he was in. The man went in to look to find that he wasn’t there. As I searched for Isa the others came, who could not wait any longer. Allah had changed the intruder’s face to make it appear that the man was Isa, So when the intruders came in, they took their friend to be Isa and lead him to his crucifixion. Isa was not crucified but a man having a similar appearance was. So the question people have to ask themselves is this. When the other murderers entered the house should they have found two people in the house- Isa and the first intruder or just the one man, which they did? So where did the intruder go, or more importantly where did Isa go?

Qur’an: Ma’ida 155-162, Ruhul Bayan This account is the Islamic and true perspective on the fate of Isa in his first coming. It appeared that Isa was killed at the cross, but this is not so. It is important for Muslims living amongst Christians and Jews, in particular, to know about Sayyiduna Isa because he was one of Allah’s great Prophets. We cannot be true Muslims unless we love and respect ALL of Allah’s prophets. It is only the Muslims today that upholds the sanctity and purity of both Maryam and her son Isa. Isa is not the ‘Son of God’ (Ma’azallah) he is the son of Maryam. And Allah knows best.

The friend in the cave

The Muslims were extremely troubled by the social boycott imposed on them by the Mushriks of Makkah. Allah decided that the Muslims would migrate from Makkah, and the Holy Prophet discussed this issue with Abu Bakr that soon they would be leaving their hometown, He was content with the decision. On the night of the Hijrah, the non-believers planned to assassinate the Holy Prophet. The Prophet left his house reciting Sura Yasin and headed towards Abu Bakr’s home. The enemies who were waiting for the Holy Prophet did not see him because the Prophet & threw dust into their eyes temporarily blinding them. He reached the house to tell Abu Bakr that the night had come to go. Abu Bakr was ready. Abu Bakr Siddique immediately accompanied the final Prophet on this journey. At times Abu Bakr was walking in front, sometimes to the sides and on a few occasions, he would stay back and then catch up with the Holy Prophet. When he was asked about his actions Abu Bakr replied “I wish that if the enemy attacks you, then I should bear the attack before they reach you. It must be me that gets hurt and not you.” When Abu Bakr walked in front of his Master he turned around and apologized for the disrespect he was showing. The journey continued until they reached Mount Thur. There was a cave in the mountain and the Holy Prophet decided to rest. But Abu Bakr did not let the Holy Prophet enter it until he had cleaned it, and saw that it was safe. In the cave, there were a couple of holes, which Abu Bakr covered with a cloth. It so happened that in one of the holes a snake lived which Abu Bakr did not cover with his cloth but instead put his toe thumb to make

sure that the snake could not come out and harm the Prophet, The Holy Prophet entered the cave and rested on Abu Bakr’s e lap. A snake tl was eager to visit the dear Prophet bit the toe of Abu Bakr. The not from the snake was so severe that tears began rolling down his cheeks until some tears fell upon the blessed face of the Holy Prophet. This awakened the Holy Prophet who asked him the reason for the tears? He replied “My parents be sacrificed upon you! A snake has bitten me” The Holy Prophet at that moment placed his blessed saliva over the wound and the wound healed instantaneously. The Prophet ordered a tree that was a fair distance away to come and place itself at the mouth of the cave and to use its branches to block entry for others. At the same time, a spider was ordered to weave a web over the mouth of the cave to make it appear that it would be inconceivable that someone could have entered it. Back in Makkah, the enemies had realized that the Prophet had left with his friend Abu Bakr. They set off in pursuit, reaching the cave, to find that the footsteps ended at the cave. Their minds could not accept the idea that they were in the cave because of the tree and the spider’s web that had been woven between the various branches. Abu Bakr was at this moment absolutely petrified at what was happening. He had done so much to protect his lifelong friend but still felt uncomfortable. It was at this moment that the Prophet consoled Abu Bakr by telling him that Allah was with them and that they were not alone. The enemies stood dumbfounded and challenged each other to go in. One of them said that it was impossible for someone to go in without breaking the spider’s web. They all agreed and eventually left. The Prophet0 and his friend survived this nerve-racking moment with relative ease. Allah helped them then to reach their destination. Qur’an: Tawba 40, Mishkat Sharif & Ruhul Bayan We learn several important things from this very important episode in Islamic history.

Allah in the Qur’an referring to this story calls Abu Bakr Siddiq ‘his (Le. Drophets) Companion. So whoever is the enemy of Siddiq Akbar and questions his Companionship and caliphate is the enemy of Muhammad Rasulallah who is an enemy of Allah. And no one can help those who turn away from the Almighty. a When the Prophet said to Abu Bakr ‘do not fear Allah is with us, we learn that Allah is also with Abu Bakr, Thus Allah reaffirms rightful caliphate of Abu Bakr after the Prophet’s departure from this mortal world, 3. The fact that the Rasulallah only told Abu Bakr Siddiq and went to his house shows the immense levels of trust and friendship between the two. The way in which he ensured that no threat at all could harm the Prophet while in the cave demonstrates the level of commitment he had. He left his house, wife, and children straight away and secured the cave as if he had no other concern in the world. It is no wonder that he kept on saying “may my parents be sacrificed upon you!” Abu Bakr is teaching us about the levels of love and respect we need for our Prophet. 5. The venom from the snake that hurt Abu Bakr was cured straight away by our Prophet’s blessed saliva. This shows that our Prophet has healing properties within him. 6. The tree and spider obeyed the instructions of the Prophet which illustrates the fact that everything in the world except for some non-believing men/women and Jinns knows that he is the true Prophet of Allah. 7. People who put their faith in Allah alone succeed while the schemes and plans of the kuffar turn into dust.

The stars On a starlit night,

The stars On a starlit night, the mother of the faithful Sayyida Aisha asked “O Prophet of Allah, is there anybody who has done as many good deeds,

which are equivalent in number to the stars? “The Prophet replied,” Yes there is one person who has these vast number of good deeds and it is Umar “. On hearing this, Sayyida Aisha was surprised as she thought that her father Abu Bakr, who was so close to the Holy Prophet would be mentioned. She then asked the Holy Prophet regarding her beloved father, to which the Prophet replied “Your father’s one good deed is equivalent to all of Umar’s good deeds.” Mishkat Sharif This account shows the high status that Allah and his Prophet & have bestowed upon Abu Bakree. The stars in the galaxies are countless and so are the actions of all of our Prophet’s & blessed and most fortunate Companions (May Allah be pleased with them all). Abu Bakra exceeds All the other Companions just as our Nabi exceeds all the other Prophets.


Abu Bakr’s success strategy


One day Mawla Ali asked Abu Bakr e, about how he reached such a high rank? Abu Bakr replied that it was due to five things. 1. “I saw two types of people, firstly there were those who had a love for the world and secondly those who cared for the hereafter. I have not cared for the world but have made efforts towards the afterlife “2.” Since embracing Islam I have never eaten to a full stomach. This is because the taste of the divine has lost my taste for worldly food. 3. “I have never drunk so much water to quench my thirst as my thirst

is quenched by the love that I have for Allah “Whenever I have the choice between a worldly job and something that would help me in the hereafter, I always opted for the job that would benefit me in the hereafter. “5” I have stayed in the company of the Holy Prophet and my relationship with him is very strong. “Nuzhatul Majaalis Savyiduna Abu Bakr Siddique is the greatest person from this Ummah. He has the best traits of piety, knowledge, love, and respect for the Holy Prophet than anyone else. He is the ideal role model for Muslims of any generation. 128. The guardians of the bridge One day Abu Bakr looked towards Mawla Ali and smiled. Mawla Ali asked, “why are you smiling?” Abu Bakr replied ‘I have heard the Holy Prophet say that whoever Ali does not allow to cross the Bridge (Sirāt), they will be unable to enter paradise. Ali Murtaza then smiled and said “O leader of the Muslims, I have some good news for you too, for I have heard the Holy Prophet say that whoever opposes and has a hatred for Abu Bakr, I will not allow them across the bridge! “Nuzhatul Majaalis This story is a clear indication to those who have only hatred and animosity towards Abu Bakr, that they will not go to Paradise unless they love and respect Ali’s predecessors. Love for Allah’s Prophet and his Companions are a key component to | 14


success in this world and in the hereafter. Allah created the heavens and has given the keys to our Rasul. He in turn has given the duty of admitting people into heaven to his close Companions. Abu Bakr and All in turn will only admit those people into Jannah who love the Prophet and obey Allah. • 67I • The engraved ring One day the Prophet & told Abu Bakr to take his ring and get the declaration of faith engraved on it La ila’ha il-Allah. Abu Bakr went and got the whole Kalima engraved. He brought the ring back to the Prophet who saw the ring and asked his dear friend why he had engraved the whole Kalima and his name on it when he was told to write only La ila’ha il-Allah. Abu Bakr told the Prophet & “Ya Nabi! My heart did not like the fact that His Holy name was written without yours. The engraver included my name too otherwise I would have never included it as well.” At that time Jibreel appeared and said Ya Rasulallah! Allah Almighty says that Abu Bakr was not happy with the order that his holy name is written without yours, and Allah felt it was not right that your name is written without Abu Bakr’s. Tafsir Kabeer Allah Almighty sent his own approval of the fact that out of his creation the closest Companion to our Prophet is Abu Bakr.

Allah’s approval for Abu Bakr


Savviduna Abu Bakr Siddiq e one day went to the house of a Jewish scholar. Abu Bakr took this opportunity to preach the truth. He told the Jaurto to accept Islam and to fear Allah. “Muhammad is the true prophet of Allah. Come and testify to this Prophet who has mentioned the uic and Christians in Allah’s books. Come and pray and offer charity to the poor in the way of Allah.” The Jew heard this last comment and said “Look, Allah is poor and we are rich,” (Ma’azallah). Abu Bakr became very angry by this comment and smacked the Jew in the face, He then threatened to chop his head off. The Jew then went to the Prophet e and complained. Abu Bakr appeared and told the truth about the whole incident. At that time, Jibreel appeared from the heavens with the following verse: “Undoubtedly Allah heard those who said” Allah is needy and we are rich. “Now we shall put their saying and slaying of the prophets unjustly in writing and we shall say, “Taste the torment of the fire.” Allah sent this verse in defense of Abu Bakr’s actions. Qur’an: Ale Imran 181, Ruhul Bayan The title of ‘Siddiq’ was given to Abu Bakr after the Mi’raj. Throughout the rest of his life, he continued to testify to the truth unequivocally.

Bilal’s freedom

Bilal was a black slave who readily accepted Islam after the Prophet declared his prophethood in Makkah. His master however was a very brutal and open enemy of Islam. When the message of truth began to spread, his owner treated Bilal even more severely. Abu Bakra found out about the state of Bilal and about how his master treated him, Abu Bakr paid a large sum of gold to free him. Allah Almighty loved this action so much that Jibreel came with a verse which said that Allah will reward the Siddig (i.e. Abu Bakr) he spent money in the way of Islam. Ruhul Bayan Siddiq Akbar sacrificed all his wealth for the sake of Islam. This is just one example of where Abu Bakr gave abundantly for the sake of Allah and his deen. Allah says in the revealed to see that Allah was pleased with Abu Bakr’s actions. It follows then that whoever has an animosity against Abu Bakr is also an enemy of Allah.


The Battle of Tabuk

The build-up towards the battle at Tabuk could not have been worse for the Muslims. A severe famine had hit the Muslims who had barely any food to eat. Reports say that two men were sharing one date

between them. As in the other battles, the enemies of Islam were more in number than the righteous. Sayyiduna Uthman t did his utmost to help the Muslims at this critical time. I have paid for the supplies for ten thousand fighters. In all, he spent ten thousand dinars. The other close Companions also contributed whole-heartedly and charitably. Sayyiduna Umar says that he had some goods with him at the time and thought to himself that this time he would offer more in front of the Prophet O than Abu Bakr. Umar then split his wealth in two left one half at home and gave the other half to the Prophet for the war effort. Umar became happy at his feat that he felt that his Friend Abu Bakr would not beat him today. But Umar did not know that Abu Bakr é came with all his goods. He gave to such an extent that he took his cloak off which was on his back and presented that to his Beloved Messenger. Umar was astonished by the commitment of Abu Bakr. The Prophet saw this sign of commitment to Allah and his deen, and asked Abu Bakr what he had left at home? Abu Bakr replied ‘I have left Allah and his Prophet at my home! After a short while, Jibreel came to the Prophet with a message. ‘Allah says Ya Rasulallah! To send Abu Bakr his salams and to ask him in his state of poverty whether he is happy or angry? The Prophet conveyed this message to his friend to which he replied ‘what, can I become angry with my Lord? I am satisfied with my Lord. I am satisfied with my Lord. I am satisfied with my Lord. Kanzul Iman; Tarikhul Khulafa Abu Bakr e out of all the Companions gave the most in the way of Allah as this account lustrates. Uthman and Umar e also gave abundantly but still could not match the commitment of Abu Bakr. And the most astonishing thing about this account is thất it reveals the fact that Allah seeks the happiness of Abu Bakr when the whole of creation seeks His happiness. Allah sent Jibreel straight away to convey Allah’s Ais upon Abu Bakr, So whoever holds hostility against Abu Bakr does so against Allah’s will.

 Abu Bakr the bravest

One day Mawla Ali asked the audience gathered in front of him ‘who was the bravest and bold amongst you? The audience replied that it was he. Ali however replied that this was not the case, he was not the bravest and bold amongst them, but that there was no one more courageous than Abu Bakr e. Ali went on to tell the audience that in the Battle of Badr, Abu Bakr protected the Prophete in the heat of battle which such security and protection that I swear that no commitment could ever be shown like it. Nuzhatul Majaalis Ali whose title is the ‘Lion of Allah’ and who gave Muslims victory at Khaybar testifies himself in front of an audience of Companions that the best Companion amongst them in all respects including bravery was Abu Bakr.


The sermon of Khilafah


When Abu Bakr e became the caliph of the Muslims he made a speech to the Muslims of Madinah. “Dear brothers in Islam, I have been selected by you to be your leader. I am no better than any of you are but you have appointed me a leader.

My leadership is not and will not be like that of Cesar or Kisra. I will not discriminate between the strong and weak amongst you, you are all partners in this Ummah equally, Remember that a nation that forgets to engage in Jihad (struggle) will suffer the consequences. As long as I obey the commands of Allah and His Prophet then your allegiance to me is essential. And if I go away from the straight path then It is your right to break the allegiance. It is your duty then, if this happens, to put me back on the straight path. “Tarikhul Islam Al the Sahaba rightly appointed Abu Bakr as the first ‘Amirul Mu’minin. Abu Bakr promised to govern by the way of Allah and his Prophet and managed to do so. He vas god-conscience to the extent that he told his followers to lead him back to the straight path if he fell off it. • 135. Abu Bakr’s secret service In Madinah lived a blind old woman that had no close relative to help her in her time of need. Sayyiduna Umar would come every night and help this old woman with her daily needs. He would fill her water jug ​​and do other domestic duties for her. One day, however, when Umar t came to help the old lady he saw that somebody had come already and done all the work. This surprised him. This happened time and time “gam. Sayyiduna Umar e became curious about the character that would come and do all this work. One day he came early into the old woman’s house and hid so he could see the identity of this secret servant. He was astonished to see that the secret servant was no other than the Amirul

Mu’minin Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq. Tarikhul Islam This wonderful story shows the level of dedication Abu Bakr demonstrated towards his needy followers. The leader of the Muslims would secretly serve this needy woman so that nobody would find out. The real duty of the leader then is to serve the people and not to be served by them. This story also highlights the status of Sayyiduna Umares who was first aware of the old woman’s needs. We learn then that it is the Sunnah of the Companions to compete with each other in doing good deeds. The anxiety of separation When the Holy Prophet left this mortal world, Abu Bakr amongst all the Companions took it most to heart. He lived his remaining life in anxiety. After a while Abu Bakr became ill. For his treatment, a doctor was called to examine him. The doctor examined him carefully and noted that he had no physical illness but that he was heart-broken. The only remedy for the illness was to be reunited with the being that he yearns so much. Seeratus Saliheen

We have all heard of the saying that someone is heart-broken. But the term well and truly applied to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr after the Prophet left this mortal world.

The meeting of friends

Prophet had two white cloths over his body, a few moments Jater the laths turned to a green color and were shining to such an extent that One night Abu Bakr saw the Holy Prophet @ in his dream, The Holy Abu Bakr could not see them directly, Then the Holy Prophet came in front of Abu Bakr, greeted him, shook his hand and passed his blessed band over Abu Bakr’s chest. This relieved Abu Bakr of his pain and his discomfort had disappeared. The Holy Prophet then said, “O Abu Bakr, was not the time now come for me and you to meet?” On hearing these words Abu Bakr burst out crying, the crying was so loud that the rest of the household heard it too. Abu Bakr Siddiq cried out ‘when will I next receive the honor of meeting you O Prophet? The Holy Prophet replied “the meeting between us is not too far away” This made Abu Bakr feel a lot better. Seeratus Saliheen

The Prophet & was well aware of his dear friend’s anxiety and told him in his dream that this would soon end.

Abu Bakr’s wish

When Abu Bakr was on his death bed he called upon Mawla Ali and said “O Ali make sure that when I die, you give me a bath before burial as you were the one that bathed the Holy Prophet. After bathing me. use my old clothes to cover my body and carry me to the Tomb of the Holy Prophet. If the door to the mausoleum opens, then please bury me there. If not then please bury me in Jannatul Baqee “Seeratus Saliheen

During their lifetimes, the Prophet & and his dear friend Abu Bakr were never far from another. Abu Bakr wished that this relationship continued forever,

Abu Ubaida’s Dream

The Companions of the Holy Prophet were busy planning the conquest of Syria. They planned to conquer Damascus but they were facing problems and became worried. The Holy Prophet & came in Abu Ubaida’s dream, bearing good news. “O Abu Ubaida, tell the Muslims that today this place will be conquered, be at peace, and do not panic.” When the Rasulallah ở was about to leave Abu Ubaida asked “O Messenger of Allah, why are you going away so quickly.” The Holy

This letter has been written by Umar bin Al-Khattab the servant God and is addressed to the river. O river, if you flow by the order or your own will, then we do not need your service.” Allah, then we want you to start flowing. But if you flow according to The letter was sent to the governor and the instructions were to bury the letter. When the people heard that the Muslim leader has sent such a letter a crowd emerged and the governor placed the letter in the sand. A few moments later the river started to flow, it was now flowing at a rate not seen before. Since then the Nile has never dried up in Egypt. Tarikhul Khulafa This story once again proves the Karama that Allah blesses upon his beloved Prophet’s followers. The river recognized the writing of Sayyiduna Umar and began to flow immediately. After all, why wouldn’t the river flow when Shaytan is scared of him and when Hell was locked during his lifetime?

he modest Emperor

A King sent an emissary to check how the leader of the Muslims Umar was living. The King was curious because he had heard about the power of the leader and wanted to know how the ruler of such a large kingdom lived. When he reached Madinah he found the leader of the faithful lying down on the ground in the blazing heat. He saw sweat pouring from the top of his forehead, which had created a pool beside the place he was lying. The slave was moved when he saw this, he realized that this ruler is different from all the other rulers he had spent time with. Other rulers would be relaxing and enjoying their luxuries and

privileges, but this ruler looks exhausted. He then approached Umar and said, “O leader of the Muslims! You rule with justice and yet live in relative poverty, while our leader rules tyrannically and lives in ease. If I ted not come as an ‘agent’ I would accept Islam right now. I will return and become Muslim. ” Keemiya Sa’adat Under the caliphate of Sayyiduna Umar, the lands of Islam spread very far and wide, And despite all the riches at his disposal, Umar followed the Sunnah of his Nabi and remained modest in all of his life transactions. Umar realized that there was very little value in Dunya and that the Akhira is what he should strive for.

The veiled Umar

One night, when everybody in Madinah was sleeping, a veiled Umar and his Companion went out in search through the streets of Madinah to see if there was anybody who needed help. Their eyes lay on a house in which the lights were visible and a crying child could be heard. Umar Listen attentively, maybe we can make out what the discussion is inside the house? PI! O mother, when is dinner going to be cooked? We are starving.

The other children May Allah have mercy on us so that we can cook our food and stay alive. Mother O my children don’t panic. Have patience and faith in Allah, InshaAllah the curry will be cooked soon. On hearing the heartbreaking conversation between the mother and her starving children, Umar and his Companion decided to enter the house. Mother, Who are you people? What are you doing at my house! Umar My friend and me were just passing your house when we heard about your moving conversation with your children and we decided to come in to see if everything was OK. Mother What will you do by listening to my sorrows! If you choose to listen or not to listen, it’s not going to affect me in any way. Umar Don’t take us as your enemy, tell us about your situation and I guarantee we will do everything to help you. Mother, I am a poor, helpless mother with kids. I am not happy with the leader of the Muslims. He has been appointed to serve and protect us, but he has not even looked at a poor widow with kids. It has now been two days since my kids and I are starving and just to satisfy my children I have put

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