short islamic stories in english

short islamic stories in english



The brothers of Yusuf

Sayyiduna Yusuf was an incredibly handsome man. He was eleven years old when he saw in his dream eleven stars and the sun and the moon prostrating before him. Yusuf told his beloved father Ya’qub about it. His father realized that Allah was to bestow Prophethood on him. Ya’qub a told Yusuf not to tell his brothers about his dream lest they should in some way despise him. From that day onwards, Ya’qub began to show more care and affection for Yusuf over the other brothers.

The brothers of Yusuf were aware of this special treatment for their brother and did not like it at all. They began to make efforts to get their father’s attention back. Shaytan attended the place where the brothers were gathered and put ideas in their minds about killing Yusuf in the jungle and come up with the excuse that he got killed in an accident in a well.

The brothers went to their father and began to ask him why Yusuf was not allowed to go out with them. They began to reassure their father that he would not be harmed even r they encountered a wolf in the jungle. Ya’qub told them that they could take Yusuf with them. At the time Yusuf was wearing the shirt of his forefather Sayyiduna Ibrahim, (This was the same shirt ne wore when Nimrud threw Ibrahim into the fire). Ibrahim gave 105

this shirt to his son Ishaq who in turn gave it to his son Ya’qub, Yusuf’s father. was following his forefather’s tradition by giving his son the same shirt. The brothers of Yusuf s to reassure their father lifted Yusuf upon their shoulders and took him away with them. When they reached deep into the jungle, however, their true intentions became apparent.

The brothers began to beat him up and eventually threw him into a deep well. They believed that they had killed Yusuf. Qur’an: Yusuf 7-17 & Khazahinul Irfan This story highlights the dangers of showing jealousy towards others, especially your own brother.

The story shows also that Sayyiduna Ya’qub knew that his son was to receive Prophethood. He was also aware of the animosity the brothers were showing towards Yusuf and knew of the dangers. But he knew this was a test from Allah and was therefore unable to prevent the will of Allah.

The enlightened shirt

When the brothers of Yusuf were about to throw him into the deep well, Allah ordered Jibreel to go and save the beauty of Yusuf before he fell to the bottom.

Jibreel was at Sidra- the lot tree when the order came and made the journey from there past the seven heavens to the earth in time before Yusuf fell. Jibreel saved Yusuf with his wings and placed him on a rock that was to one side of the deep well. Jibreel then took the Ta’wiz (amulet) of Ya’qub and placed it around Yusuf, The well became engulfed in light. Ruhul Bayan & Khazahinul Irfan 901

The Tabarruk, i.e. the shirt, which Ya’qub gave to his son, came to use in times of difficulty. This proves that there is benefit in those things that have Nisbat (a special h with Allah’s Prophets and saints. People today rightfully respect the Tabarruk of ho the Prophets and Saints of Allah and derive benefits and blessings from it.

False acting

When the brothers of Yusuf returned from throwing him into the well they pretended to be crying at the result of the accident that robbed them of their younger brother. Ya’qub came out of the house and asked his sons about what had happened and where Yusuf was

. The brothers told their father that they were playing in the jungle playing when they accidentally left Yusuf behind somewhere. Out of nowhere a wolf came and attacked him and killed him. They showed a bloodstained shirt. The brothers tried their best to convince their father of what had happened. Ya’qub x on hearing this told his sons to be patient for Allah is the best of judges.

Qur’an: Yusuf 18 & Khazahinul Irfan

nent are not always genuine and sincere. The blood on the shirt was hot teany Oppressors hide by acting as the innocent party. People who cry and Yusuf’s, Sayyiduna Ya’qub knew what the brothers were up to. He knew of their jealousy towards Yusuf, Allah was testing Sayyiduna Ya’qub immensely. He had to however endure the patience until the truth prevailed.


A fortunate convoy

The brothers of Yusuf thought that they had killed their brother when they threw him into the well. Allah however saved his most handsome Prophet. The water of the well in which Yusuf was thrown in used to be salty, but by Allah’s order, the water became sweet as a result of Yusuf’s nisbat.

A convoy stopped by the well for water. It was going from Madyan to Egypt. The man they sent to fetch the water threw his bucket in the well to draw out the water. Sayyiduna Yusuf got hold of the bucket and drew himself up towards the man. The man took Yusuf to his people and showed them the beauty of Yusuf. Meanwhile, the brothers of Yusuf also appeared.

They went to the well to see that Yusuf was no longer there. They spotted the convoy and told them that the boy they had was a slave. The brothers sold Yusuf as a slave to the convoy. Yusuf kept quiet as this happened.

The convoy brought Yusuf and set off for Egypt. Qur’an Yusuf 19-20 & Khazahinul Irfan Whoever Allah protects nothing can harm them. People may wish to make things happen according to their wishes but Allah is the true controller of events. Wve de learn that Yusuf’s presence in the well made the water sweet. Yusuf made wate sweet; whereas our Prophet’s sweat was perfumed!


Yusuf’s beauty

When the convoy reached Egypt, word had quickly spread that they bad with them a truly handsome boy. No sooner had the convoy arrived, than hundreds of people flocked to come and see. The convoy asked the people why they had gathered? They told them that they heard that a handsome boy was with them.

The head of the convoy decided to charge one Ashrafi (a coin) to see Yusuf’s face. The people agreed to this and began to queue to see him. From early in the morning all day through till evening people came and paid to see Yusuf. It is reported that veiled women came out of their Harems to see him. News spread far and wide about Yusuf that even the king of Egypt came to see him. Seeratus Saliheen

Yusuf epitomized the beauty of Prophethood. The people of Egypt were so stunned by his immense beauty that they were willing to pay money for the privilege. Is it conceivable that in a time when there were no modern communications that word Spread so fast that the whole of Egypt had seen Yusuf within the space of a few days?


A noble woman’s commitment

A noble lady named Farga was amongst the thousands and thousands of people who came to see the beauty of Sayyiduna Yusuf. She took 601

all her wealth with her with the intention to buy him. When she first saw Yusuf she was so stunned by the beauty that she straight away asked Yusuf who created him? Yusuf calmly replied that Allah Almighty had created him as his obedient servant and messenger.

He went on to tell her that Allah had created him with such beauty that he knew people would be stunned. On hearing this, the woman told Yusuf that she accepted that Lord as hers who had created him. She asked herself, how beautiful would the Lord himself be if his servant looks amazing? The woman entered the fold of Islam.

The wealth she had brought with her to buy Yusuf was instead spent in the way of Allah on feeding and clothing the poor and orphaned. From then on she committed her life to seek Allah’s pleasure alone. Seeratus Saliheen

Seeing beauty of such magnitude lead to people accepting Islam. They saw not only the beauty of Yusuf but also the beauty of Allah. It is only Allah that can create things of such splendor and glamor.


The Aziz of Egypt

The king at the time of Sayyiduna Yusuf was Ayan ibn Walid Amleekt: (Aziz is the title given to the king of Egypt) he had devolved his powers to an Egyptian named Qitfeer who was in effect his prime ministel. When Yusuf arrived in the bazaar, it was everyone’s wish to buy Accordingly the price of Yusuf increased as demand did.

The price at which Yusuf was sold was the bodyweight of Yusuf in gold and silver and other precious stones. Yusuf at the time was only thirteen

buyers left empty-handed. years old. The minister brought Yusuf home as the other prospective Khazahinul Irfan The people of Allah are so precious that the ruling establishments of the day seek their company.



Zulaykha was a very beautiful young lady and was the daughter of a very noble king. One night in her dream she saw a very handsome young man, she asked the young man who he was? The man replied that he was the king of Egypt. After awakening Zulaykha had not forgotten the dream and could remember it very well, so well that it was on her mind all the time.

After the pleasant scene she had seen in the dream Zulaykha had many proposals for marriage from kings but she refused them all. She made it pretty clear that if there were anybody that she would marry it would be the King of Egypt. As she wished Zulaykha’s father got her married to the King of Egypt. Strange enough, when Zulaykha saw the King for the first time she was shocked, as it was not the same person that she had seen in her dream.

The King heard about Yusuf and went and brought him home. When Zulaykha laid eyes on the person her husband had brought home it related back to the dream that this was the actual person she had seen.

Zulaykha fell deeply in love with Yusuf and she got her husband to build her a palace. The palace was built in such a way that it had seven rooms all arranged in a maze. Meaning that once you got to the seventh room and you wanted

to exit then you had to go all the way back through the other six-room to get out. One day she managed to get Yusuf in the palace and took him through the rooms closing the door of each one behind them as they proceeded to the seventh room. Having got Yusuf where she wanted.

she expressed her desire for Yusuf, which worried him very much. At this point, the roof of the palace split open and Yusuf’s father Ya’qub% appeared with his fingers in between his teeth saying “don’t even let the thought cross your mind, son. Yusuf told Zulaykha to be aware of Allah and not make this beautiful palace into a place of sorrow.

He then left the palace as quickly as he could but Zulaykha went after him. As Yusuf ran back through the rooms whichever room he crossed he noticed that the lock was open and Yusuf kept on running. Zulaykha following very closely managed to grab hold of Yusuf’s cloak and pulled him towards her. But he managed to getaway. As this was happening the king was standing at the door of the palace. He saw both of them running, one behind the other, and began to get suspicious of the situation.

To clear her name Zulaykha blamed the whole incident on Yusuf and then turned to her husband asking him what punishment is there for somebody who has done harm to his wife? She claimed that she was fast asleep when Yusuf came to me and moved my clothing and trapped me. Arrest him or send him away and punish him.

Yusuf replied that Zulaykha was lying, and it is due to her that all this had happened. Her husband asked Yusuf for evidence to support his statement. It so happened to be that Zulaykha’s uncle’s three-month-old child was in the room. Yusuf asked the King to ask the child.

1 king replied that a three-month-old child can’t speak? Yusuf replied that Allah will give him the strength to speak to prove my innocence and nothing is impossible for the Almighty. The king turned to the child which said “Look at Yusuf’s cloak if it is torn from the front c Zulaykha is telling the truth, and if it is torn from the back then he speaking the truth”. It became clear that Zulaykha was running a

speaking the truth and apologized sincerely to him. Qur’an: Yusuf 23-29 & Ruhul Bayan

Yusuf and not vice versa. Her husband was convinced that Yusuf l was Ye learn from this story several important things. Firstly the messengers of Allah are Aran from all sins (major and minor). Secondly, when a person turns to Allah then all bis hardships are resolved.

Thirdly, Yaqub was aware of his son’s situation and had knowledge of when and where the incident was taking place. And therefore we can say that those chosen by Allah no matter how far they might be will always come and help. And that it is possible for Allah to make a three-month-old baby prove the innocence of his beloved Prophet.

Zulaykha & the banquet

Zulaykha was so deeply in love with Yusuf that it was reflected in her behavior. It so happened that the respected women of the town started to talk about Zulaykha, in the sense that she had not thought about her respect and moral values ​​and has given away her heart to “young stranger. The woman said that she had given herself away to a slave. When Zulaykha became aware of the attitude the women had about her she decided to organize a feast. In the feast, she invited forty expected women of Egypt. Amongst the forty included those who were talking about her.

The women arrived at the palace where there were iron-like seats specially arranged for them to sit. A large table was put oten were then given knives so that they could cut the meat and peel in front of them which had on its different types of foods and fruits. fruit. Whilst the ladies were busy cutting the food she managed to persuade Yusuf to come in front of the ladies in his best clothes and

show them how beautiful he was. When the ladies saw the handsome gleaming face of the Prophet of Allah 2 they lost their senses just like Zulaykha. Their heart and feelings were no longer controllable.

At that moment they were cutting fruit, but instead of cutting fruit, they cut their fingers off. Their emotions were not in control, as they did not even feel any pain.

They said, “O God this cannot be a human, it must be an angel!” Zulaykha then questioned the women by saying, “Well have you seen the beauty now. This is the man to whom I have lost my senses. (Qur’an: Yusuf 30-32 & Khazahinul Irfan)

Sayyiduna Yusuf was so handsome that the women thought he was an angel. All of Allah’s Prophets are handsome and therefore it is wrong to say that our Nabi was just an ordinary human because our Nabi is greater in every aspect to Sayyiduna Yusuf, To believe otherwise is an act of ignorance and is clearly misguided like the Egyptian women.


The servant and the cook

Sayyiduna Yusuf was imprisoned as a result of the actions of Zulaykha. Yusuf arrived in prison with two other young men on diet day. The two men worked for the King of Egypt. One of them was a favorite servant and the other a cook.

In prison, Yusuf started to demonstrate his knowledge and wisdom, by starting to get Allah’s message across that He was the One and only that was worthy of wors Whilst Yusuf was preaching he mentioned that he knew the ie their of dreams.

The two men decided to ask him about the meaning of their dreams. The servant said I saw that I was in a garden and that I am

holding branches of grapes and from those grapes, I am squeezing wine. The cook said that ‘I saw that on my head is some bread from which animals are eating. Now tell us what is the meaning of our dreams? Yusuf told the favorite servant that he will serve wine to the king cook will be crucified and the animals will eat his head.

After listening to Yusuf the two replied that we were just joking and did not see any dream. Yusuf replied that nothing now could be done to change what I have just said. Whether you have seen a dream or not my reply to your request cannot be altered.

Therefore the two men were put on trial by the king. The cook was found guilty and hanged and the servant was cleared and returned to serve the king. Qur’an: Yusuf 36-42 & Ruhul Bayan

This account tells us that the rank of a Prophet is such that once he says something then it will definitely happen whatever the circumstances. Now for someone to say that, “what can a Prophet do for us?” is sheer ignorance and stupidity.

The King’s dream

King of Egypt saw a dream one night that seven thin cows were ng seven fat cows. Similarly, he also saw that there were seven fully-grown fields being eaten by seven bare fields. The King was very worried about the dream and approached storytellers and doctors to interpret the dream.

However, none of them were much help to him. The King’s servant who had just returned from jail said to the King that there is a very learned man that he met whilst in jail, who was an expert at interpreting dreams. The King ordered him to go to prison and ask

this person the meaning of the dream. The servant spoke to Yusuf and explained the dream. Yusuf replied ‘that for seven years you will plow the land from which food will grow. After that, there will be seven years of hardship and famine.

Gather supplies in the first seven years so that the following seven years are not so difficult. And after those seven difficult years will come a year in which there will be plenty of milk green grass and very fruitful trees. That person then went back to the King and told him everything Yusuf had said. The King became relieved about the interpretation of the dream.

He became curious about Yusuf and wished to meet him in person. The King sent one of his men to the prison to get Yusuf, Yusuf asked the delegate however for the King to listen to his case and to re-examine why he had been falsely put in prison.

The King heard of this request, and subsequently held an inquiry in which Zulaykha was called upon. The inquiry exonerated Yusuf as Zulaykha admitted that he had done nothing wrong. Yusuf was duly released from prison. Qur’an: Yusuf 43-49 & Khazahinul Irfan

This story reminds us that the truth always prevails, For Yusuf, he had to endure a prison sentence- a ‘test’ from Allah which all of Allah’s Prophets had to endure. All Prophets have the ability to interpret dreams correctly.

Yusuf’s coronation

After his release from prison, the King brought Yusuf to his place

and treated him with the utmost respect. The King retold his dream to Sayyiduna Yusuf, And like before, he explained in great detail to the King as to what the dream meant. The King sought Yusuf’s advice and he told the King that he should use the bumper crop in the Grist for several years in order to avoid difficulty in the following period.

The King was astonished at the depth of knowledge and certainty with which Yusuf was explaining to the King how to preserve and distribute the various crops in the future. The King however was unsure as to who should take charge of the affairs of the land to ensure that a famine did not occur in Egypt? Yusuf then offered his services to the King telling him that he would take charge In effect Yusuf replaced the old Prime Minister.

Yusuf was now these delicate affairs. in charge of all the treasures of the land. He ran the country with such success and efficiency that after one year the King called Yusuf and offered him the throne. The King abdicated and offered his services to the new King Sayyiduna Yusuf. Qur’an: Yusuf 54-57 & Khazahinul Irfan All of Allah’s Prophets discharge their duties to their people in such a way that the people are left amazed by the honesty and integrity with which they go about it. Allah bestows honors upon all his Prophets and Sayyiduna Yusuf was no exception.

Yusuf gen and Zulaykha

Yusuf became the King of Egypt. Zulaykha’s husband the former king had died and this caused Zulaykha to go into a phase of depression. As a result, she got together some money and jewels and set off to live in the

jungle, her beauty that was well known, no longer remained. Yusuf on the other hand was becoming very popular with the people of Egypt. One day he was with his army that happened to cross the jungle in which Zulaykha was living.

When Zulaykha found out that she came out of her house. When she saw Yusuf and the honor in which he was passing through the jungle, she said the following words: ‘Holy is that being who has given those who were unresponsive slavery from honor and those that were poor the kingdom by virtue of being attentive! Listening to her voice Yusuf started to cry and ordered one of his slaves to fulfill the woman’s needs.

When the slave got there the woman replied that only Yusuf could fulfill my need. Hence the servant brought Zulaykha to the palace. Meanwhile, Yusuf was in the palace where he removed his robes and sat on the mat to pray when he remembered the following words that Zulaykha had earlier said. After which I have started crying. Then he called his slave and asked whether or not he had fulfilled the old woman’s needs. He replied that the woman said that only Yusuf could fulfill my needs.

The servant called the woman into the room where Yusuf was sitting. The woman greeted the King to which he replied with his head looking downwards. Yusuf then asked ‘O woman what is your need?’ Zulaykha replied, what, have you forgotten me? Quien eres? Asked Yusuf, O Yusuf I am Zulaykha! Yusuf upon hearing this said ‘there is no god but Allah who has control over life and death.

Yusuf asked Zulaykha why she was in such a poor state? Zulaykha told him that the former king took it away from me when you were released: Yusuf then asked her what she wanted? She replied that she had three wishes.

First, She wanted her sight back after crying continued Secondly, she wanted her beauty back after losing it. Yusuf made de and her sight and beauty returned. He then asked her what the thne and final request was. She told Yusuf that she wanted to marry Yusuf sat head down in silence as he contemplated upon the final wish. In that time Jibreel appeared and told the Prophet that Allah

u his mercy fulfilled the other two. Allah has written this marriage sent his salam and that he should now fulfill the third wish since Allah in the heavens; it is for you to marry her in this world so that she may become your partner in this world and hereafter.

Hence Yusuf married her according to Allah’s command. Allah and his angels sent congratulations to them as Allah had wished it to happen. Zulaykha told Yusuf that she was not right for the former king of Egypt, but that they were right for each other.

She went on to bear two boys for Yusuf both were extremely handsome. Ruhul Bayan This story shows that Allah Almighty himself wished the marriage of Zulaykha and Yusuf. These things as it is commonly said are written in the heavens. Zulaykha’s dream finally came true.


The famine Sayyiduna Yusuf became king of Egypt

The famine Sayyiduna Yusuf became king of Egypt and ruled with justice, security and in a community of belief (i.e. Islam). He organized the crop in the st seven years so that there was enough to survive the famine. The anmte affected everyone in the country.

Yusuf distributed no more than a camel load of grain to each household. The famine also spread as Canaan in Syria. Sayyiduna Ya’qub told the ten other brothers to e dna get some grain from Egypt.

When they went to Egypt to see the aing Le. Yusuf the king recognized them but they did not recognize their youngest brother. The brothers never contemplated that Yusuf was still alive, never mind being the king of Egypt. The brothers spoke | 11

Yusuf asked them ‘who are you? “They replied that they were fro Syria seeking some grain because they had also been affected by t to the king in Hebrew.

The king replied back in the same language. That they were not spies. They told Yusuf that they were all brothers of the same father who was a well-respected and honorable man Yusuf then asked them ‘how many brothers are you in total?’ they famine.

Yusuf then said ‘are you spies?’ the brothers replied swearing replied that they were ten! Yusuf then asked ‘where is the eleventh they replied that Benjamin was with their father.

Yusuf after this exchange gave each of the brothers a camel load of grain to take back home. As they were about to leave, Yusuf told the brothers that if they were ever to return again they should bring their eleventh brother Benjamin along as well otherwise they should not bother returning Yusuf then told his servant secretly to take the money paid for the grain and place it amongst the grain sacks for them to take back home.

So when the brothers got back to Canaan they opened to see that the bags were full of grain as well as the money with which they paid it. They were astonished by the generosity of the king shown at a time of national emergency.

Sayyiduna Ya’qub being a blessed Prophet kept one camel load for his household and distributed the other loads to the poor and needy people of Canaan. The brothers told their father that they would not get more grain unless Benjamin came along with them. Ya’qub calmly replied ‘the last time I sent my dearest son with you, I never saw him again.

What guarantee have I got this time? The sons of Ya’qub replied that they swore to Allah that they would protect Benjamin all the way. Ya’qub gave them his blessings and the brothers once again went to Egypt this time with Benjamli.

brothers arrived in Yusuf’s presence who was delighted to see his brothers once again. The king organized a feast for them in which all the brothers sat down next to each other in couples. The ten st took a seat leaving Benjamin standing all alone. Benjamin bubt crying remembering Yusuf wishing that he were still around so that 120

he could sit next to him. Yusuf saw this and sat Benjamin next to him. He dearly appreciated this gesture and was deeply moved by it.

Yusuf then said to him ‘would you not like it if I took you like my brother?’ Benjamin was delighted by this statement! To have a brother MkevOL Would be brilliant. But the son of Ya’qub and Rahil (the mother of Benjamin and Yusuf) is not around anymore.

Yusuf heard this and burst out crying. Yusuf embraced Benjamin and told him that he was Vusuf his brother. The other brothers were not paying attention to what they were saying, and Yusuf asked Benjamin to keep this secret. Benjamin happily agreed. Qur’an: Yusuf 58 & Khazahinul Irfan

Benjamin was rewarded for his sincerity in remembering his brother Yusuf3, Yusuf treated his brothers with great hospitality despite the treatment he received from them when he was little.


The lost cup Benjamin

The lost cup Benjamin, having found out that Yusuf was alive, wished that he Could stay with him. He told Yusuf of his wish which he made plans to bring into reality. Yusuf again provided camel loads of grain to his brothers. A load was given to Benjamin this time as well.

The cup and which the grain was measured out into the sacks was from the king S put in Benjamin’s load. valuable jewelry collections. Yusuf ensured that this cup would be The convoy once again set off for Canaan with Benjamin. No sooner

had the convoy left the city limits, than the palace officials discovered that one of their cups was missing. They set off behind the Canaan convoy and halted them to do a stop and search. The brothers were stopped and were informed of the missing cup.

They denied all knowledge of the cup’s whereabouts. The Egyptians asked the Canaan convoy what they would do if the cup were found among them? They replied that they would hand in that person to the king’s authorities if the person had the missing cup with them.

The search began and the cup was eventually found in Benjamin’s camel saddle. The ten brothers were very ashamed and embarrassed at the discovery of the cup in Benjamin’s saddle. They went back to Yusuf and said to the king ‘if Benjamin has stolen the cup, it is not surprising as his brother (Yusuf) used to steal! Yusuf the king at this very tense moment managed to keep silent and calm at the allegation labeled at him and Benjamin.

The brothers left for Egypt promising the safety of his dearest son. Now he had been ‘caught’ red-handed with the king’s valuable cup. They offered Yusuf one of themselves in exchange for Benjamin’s life.

But Yusuf whose plan had come to fruition was not about to let his dear brother go that easily. The eldest brother, after long and hard deliberations, told the rest of his brothers to go back to Canaan and tell their father Ya’qub about the whole situation. Benjamin and his eldest brother then stayed behind with Yusuf as the remaining brothers set off for Canaan with a lot of explaining to do to their aging father.

The brothers reached Canaan exhausted by the latest ordeal and explained to their father the whole scenario. Despite this news, Ya’qub is a keep patient and vowed to remain patient and hopeful of success.

He then went to one side and began to remember Yusuf, His sons said Wh you always remember Yusuf N like this? ‘ Ya’qub calmly replied that his thoughts were with Allah. He also told them that he knew what the) get his sons back and to remain patient. didn’t. Ya’qub ordered his sons once more to go back to Egypt and Qur’an: Yusuf 69-79 & Khazahinul Irfail

We learn from this important part of the whole story that Sayyiduna Ya’qub knew very well that his son Yusuf was still alive. Ya’qub throughout his life remained forever grateful to Allah despite the continuous tests and pains that he had to endure.

Brother’s regret

Sayyiduna Ya’qub told his sons not to turn away from the mercy of the Almighty, and to go in search of their brother Yusuf, The brothers reached Egypt and presented themselves in front of the King.

They explained their desperate situation to the King who reminded them of their previous acts of being cruel to Yusuf and wanting him to die.

As Yusuf talked I have smiled. The brothers noticed a resemblance. They asked the King, “Are you not Yusuf” The King replied, “Yes, I am Yusuf and this is my brother Benjamin, we were blessed with Allah’s mercy and Allah is always with those who are patient.” The brothers were regretting everything they had done in the past.

But Yusuf replied that he has no complaints about them and is praying to Allah for their forgiveness, as Allah is the only Forgiver. Qur’an: Yusuf 89-92 & Khazahinul Irfan spite everything the brothers did to Yusuf, he still had the heart to forgive them all.


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