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What is Izzat in Islam?
Izzat (Hindustani: इज़्ज़त / عزت, Bengali: ইজ্জত) is the concept of honour prevalent in the culture of North India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. … Maintaining the reputation of oneself and one’s family is part of the concept of izzat, as is the obligatory taking of revenge when one’s izzat has been violated.

What do we say Izzat in English?
noun. Honour, reputation, or prestige. ‘The concept of dowry is so deeply rooted that even young women and men who seek to rebel against society by opposing dowry cannot do it wholeheartedly because there are issues of family honour (maanam, izzat, maan etc.) at stake.

What does Izzat mean in Urdu?
Izzat meaning in English is Veneration and Izzat or Veneration synonym is Awe, Devotion, Idolatry and Reverence. Similar words of Veneration includes as Veneration, where Izzat translation in Urdu is عزت. Veneration.

How do you write Izzat in Urdu?

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Izzat in English is Prestige, and in Urdu we write it عزت. The other meanings are Naik Nami, Shohrat, Izzat and Aabro.

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