Marhaba Meaning

Marhaba Meaning


Marhaba مرحبا is one of the most popular Arabic words that is shared allover the Muslim world and it means: Hello or How Are You.

This Arabic word is not only used allover Arabic-speaking countries but also in Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey..etc due to the huge influence of the language of the Quran in the Muslim world.


Marhaba is an Arabic word utilized as a part of the Middle East as “Hi”.

Yet, the vast majority don’t have the foggiest idea about its source

Marhaba originates from a Syriac (Aramaic, Assyrian) source and was utilized by the main Christians

Blemish = Master or God

Haba =Love

Marhaba = God is love

إن كلمة “مرحبا” هي كلمة قديمة ذات أصول آرامية

استخدمها المسيحيون الأوائل من السريان وهي ذات شقين

الأول “مار” ومعناها سيد أو رب و”حبا” ومعناها محبة

وهي عبارة تعنى:

“الله محبة”

So ….. Marhaba!!


Marhaba is a Persian word that means welcome. Any good news received from friends or relatives they wish them marhaba. Any known person comes to home they invite t him by marhaba that means welcome.


Meaning of “Marhaba “means welcome……generally this word uses by invitee for welcoming their guests to home or any occasion.. one more word using with pleaser “khush aamdeed”


Marhaba مرحبا is an Arabic word and it means “Welcome”. It is used to welcome someone, to show someone warmth and happiness upon their arrival.

It is also used in the Middle East to greet people, as Hello and Hi in English.

The term Maula مَوْلًى‎ in the Arabic language has many meanings; it could mean a patron, a chief, a friend, or even a slave or a slave-master.

Maula literally means master and is mostly used for God, Creator, Allah.

Examples: 1) Marhaba Sadiq (Welcome Sadiq or Hello Sadiq).

2) Man Kuntum Moula Fa Haaza Ali-un Moula (who considers me {Prophet Muhammad ﷺ} to be his Master should consider Hazrat Ali◌ؓ his Master as well)

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