Kisi Ka Na Ko-ee, Jahaañ Yaar Hoga
Wo Aaqa Hamaara Khareedaar Hoga

There, Where None Will Have Any Supporter
There, Our Beloved Master Will Be Our Procurer

Jo Yaañ Ishq-e-Ahmad Meiñ Sarshaar Hoga
Wo Dunya-o-‘Uqba Meiñ Hoshiyaar Hoga

In The Love of Ahmad, The One Who Will Be Absorbed Here
He Will Be Wise & Alert, In The World And In The Hereafter

Nabi Ki Ba-Daulat Ba Roz-e-Qiyaamat
Khudawand-e-‘Aalam Ka Deedaar Hoga

On The Day of Reckoning, Through The Nabi’s Grand Power
We Will Be Blessed With ‘The Divine Vision’ of The Creation’s Creator

Bhat’akte Phireñ Kis Liye Un Ke ‘Aasi
Shafi’-ul-Wara Sab Ka Gham-Khwaar Hoga

From Pillar To Post, Why Should His Sinful Slaves Wander
The Grand Intercessor Will Be Everyone’s Consoler

Na Ghabra-eñ ‘Aasi Ke Roz-e-Qiyaamat
Ka Jalwa Namoodaar Hoga

Do Not Be Anxious, For On Judgement Day, O Offender!
The Rays of ‘So That You Will Be Completely Satisfied’ Will Clearly Appear


Jisay Chaaheñ Bakhsheñ Ke Khuld-o-Jinaañ Meiñ
Khuda Ki Qasam Dakhl-e-Sarkaar Hoga

He May Release Whom He Wants, For Into Heaven’s Holy Chamber
By Allah! The One Who Grants Admission, Is My Beloved Master 

Shafa’at Ka Doolha Bana-enge Un Ko
Unheñ Taaj-e-Bakhshish Saza-Waar Hoga

As The Groom of Intercession, He Will Be Granted This Honour
Of The Crown of Forgiveness, He Will Be The Rightful Bearer

Yahaañ Un Ka Daman Pakar’ Lo Wagar-na
Madad Chaahana Waañ Pe Be-Kaar Hoga

Hold Firmly To His Sacred Mantle, Otherwise Remember
It Will Be In Vain To Only Seek His Aid In The Hereafter

‘Ibaad-un-Nabi Jaayeñ Jannat Meiñ Seedhe
Mukhaalif Nabi Ka Giraftaar Hoga

The True Slaves of The Nabi, Directly Into Jannat Will Enter
The Opponent of The Nabi Will Be Arrested, In The Hereafter


Madine Ki Galiyaañ Dikha De Khuda Ya
Ye Ach’cha Wahiñ Par Dil-e-Zaar Hoga

O Allah! Bless Me With Seeing Madina’s Pathways of Honour
If The One With An Aggrieved Heart Is There, It Will Be Much Better

Jo Dekheñge Ham Sabz Gumbad Nabi Ka
Hamaara Naseeba Bhi Bedaar Hoga

To See The Nabi’s Sacred Green Dome, When We Have The Pleasure
Even Our Destiny Will Surely Glow Much Brighter

Madine Pahunchne To Do Ham-Safeero!
Baseyra Mera Zer-e-Deewaar Hoga

O, My Travelling Companions! Let Us Just Reach Madina Together
Then In The Shade of His Sacred Wall, I Will Reside Forever

Na Ch’hoote Kabhi Apne Murshid Ka Daaman
JAMEEL Us Se Ber’a Tera Paar Hoga

I Should Never Let Go of The Mantle of My Spiritual Master
O Jameel! Through This, Your Ship Will Safely Cross Over

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