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meri jaan is urdu for my life. ‘meri’ means mine or my and ‘jaan’ means life. 1.My wife is meri jaan. 2.Meri jaan is in …


Let us first decide what’s the meaning of “JAAN”. It may be “Life”, “Soul” or our Physical, Psychological or spiritual existence.

Another meaning is Proto-Indo-European root word to give birth, to create or to produce. It is feminine in nature Persian and Sanskrit derived words. Sanskrit /Hindi word “JANANI” or Mother, “JENANA” WIFE or FEMALE both are derived from same root word.

In Persian “Jaan-e-mon” or “Jaan-e-Jaan” is literally MY LIFE or MY WIFE/WOMAN, and for 2nd LADY/WOMAN OF LIFE.

IN LATIN “GENER” is for generate, give birth/produce, like Oxygen (Acid producer) Hydrogen (Water producer/maker). So same root word in Proto-Indo-European group of languages.

So”JAANU” is essentially Intimate and sweetest word among lovers only among themselves. People in subcontinent do not utter the romantic lover’s expression publicly..

MERI JAAN on the other hand is used publicly for lover, spouse, Parents, children, art, music or even favourite Cuisine or cricketers/players. AS This one word Express Basically everything from romantic love, respect, affection, obsession or extreme emotion related to our “WAJUD” or “EXISTENCE”.



meri jaan meaning in urdu


Urdu Word میری جان – Meri Jaan Meaning in English is Sweeties

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Meri Jaan in English is Sweeties, and in Urdu we write it میری جان. The other …

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میری جان Arabic Meaning: عزيزتي Meri Jaan Meaning

jaanu meaning

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