pareshan meaning in english

pareshan meaning in english is Anxious


pareshaan hona
Translating परेशां होना

Pareshan Hona Choriye Jeena Sikhyeh

pareshan in english

pareshan hona in hindi

pareshan hona meaning in tamil

pareshani meaning in english

pareshan hona muhavare

pareshan mat hona meaning in english

pareshan karna in english

pareshan meaning in urdu

to get worried

to trouble


pareshan hona

The Urdu Word پریشان Meaning in English is Jittery. The other similar words are Asaab Zadah, Pareshan, , and . The synonyms of Jittery include are Anxious, Apprehensive, Edgy, Excitable, Fidgety, Jumpy, Panicky, Quivering, Restless, Shaky, Skittish, Spooked, Tense, Trembling, Uneasy and On Edge.

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