pyar lafzon me kahan

pyar lafzon me kahan



“Muhabbat Lafzon Mein Kahan” (Love in Words)

Muhabbat lafzon mein kahan,
Dil ki gehraiyon mein basi hai imaan.
Ishq-e-Ilahi hai, Rabb ki raza hai,
Zindagi mein hai hidayat ka paigham.

Muhabbat lafzon mein kahan,
Noor-e-Rabb ka hai asar yahan.

Ishq-e-Muhammad hai, mohabbat-e-Mustafa,
Dil se yaad karo, Rab ka hai asar.
Taqwa se hai muhabbat, sab ko chhoo jaye,
Noor-e-Imaan se hai duniya roshan.

Muhabbat lafzon mein kahan,
Noor-e-Rabb ka hai asar yahan.

Zikr-e-Ilahi hai, dil ki zubaan hai,
Roz-e-Qayamat tak sada hai ye imaan.
Ishq-e-Khuda hai, mohabbat-e-Rasool,
Dil se yaad karo, Rab ka hai hukam.

Muhabbat lafzon mein kahan,
Noor-e-Rabb ka hai asar yahan.

Zakat in Quran


Almighty Allah says,

‘And from the sustenance which We have given them,
(They) spend in Our Way.’ [Surah Al Baqarah (2), Verse 3]
Almighty Allah says,

‘(O Beloved)! Take from their wealth Zakat (charity), by which you
may purify them and cleanse them, and make good Dua for them;
undoubtedly, your Dua (prayers) is the tranquillity of their hearts.
And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.’ [Surah Tauba (9), Verse 103]
Almighty Allah says,

‘And those, who duly pay the Zakat
[Surah Al Mu’minoon (23), Verse 4]

Almighty Allah says,

‘And whatever you spend in the Way of Allah, He will give (you) more
in exchange for it; And He is the Greatest Sustainer.’
[Surah Saba (34), Verse 39]
Almighty Allah says,

‘An example of those, who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, is
like that seed, from which grew seven shoots, and in every shoot are
a hundred seeds; And Allah may increase it even more than this, for
whomsoever He Wills; And Allah is Most Resourceful, All-Knowing.
Those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, and after spending
it, neither do they show favor nor cause discomfort; their reward is
with their Rub; and neither will they face any fear, nor shall they
grieve. To speak with kindness and to forgive, is better than that

charity, which is followed by maltreatment; and Allah is All Supreme,
Most Forbearing.’ [Surah Baqarah (2), Verse 261-263]
Almighty Allah says,

‘You can never achieve true virtue until you do not spend the things
most cherished to you, in the way of Allah; And Allah is (All) Aware of
all which you spend.’ [Surah Aal e Imraan, Verse 92]
Almighty Allah says,

‘It is not real virtue, to simply turn (your) faces towards the East or the
West. Indeed, real virtue is to bring Imaan (Believe) in Allah, and the
Last Day, and in the Angels, and Divine Books, and in the Prophets;

and in the love of Allah, to give your cherished wealth, to (your)
relatives, to the orphans and to the destitute, and to the traveler, and
to the mendicants; and to free slaves, and to keep Namaaz well
established, and to pay Zakat, and those who keep to their word,
when they make a promise; and those who are patient in times of
calamity and adversity, and during Holy War; These are those, who
have truly kept to their word, and is they who are the (truly) pious.’
[Surah Al Baqarah (2), Verse 177]
Almighty Allah says,

‘And those who are miserly in that, which Allah has bestowed upon
them by His Grace should never regard this as good for them, but it is
detrimental for them. Soon, that in which they were miserly will
become the noose around their necks on the Day of Qiyaamat.’ [Surah
Aal e Imran (3), Verse 180]
Almighty Allah says,

‘O you who Believe (i.e. O Believers)! Certainly many rabbis and
monks, wrongfully usurp the wealth of the people and hold them
back from the way of Allah; and (as) for those who count and hoard
gold and silver, and do not spend it the Way of Allah, give them the
suitable news, of an excruciating punishment. The day when it will be
(intensely) heated in the fire of hell; Then with it, their foreheads,
their sides and their back backs will be branded. This is what you
hoarded for yourselves, (so) now relish the taste of your hoarding.’
[Surah Tauba (9), Verse 34-35]
The importance and excellence of Zakat can be understood from the
numerous verses (injunctions), which have been cited in this

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