rauza e munawwara

rauza e munawwara

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What is rauza e Munawwara?
Taj Mahal, known in the official histories as Rauza-e-Munawwara (the Illumined Tomb), was built to memorialise an emperor’s love for his favourite wife. So, despite its undoubted architectural perfection, the most popular interpretation of the monument is as a symbol of love.


What is the meaning of rauza?
Rauza, Rouza, Roza (Urdu: روضة‎, Bengali: রৌজা, Hindi: रौज़ा) is a Perso-Arabic term used in Middle East and Indian subcontinent which means shrine or tomb. It is also known as mazār, maqbara or dargah.


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rauza-i munawwara known as

rauza meaning

roza e munawwara new name

roza e munawwara 1632


roza e-munawwara and later changed its name

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