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The Urdu Word طلب Meaning in English is Thirstiness. The other similar words are Tashnagi, Talab, Lagan, Piyasa Pan and Tishna Labi. The synonyms of Thirstiness include are Appetite, Aridity, Desire, Drought, Dryness, Eagerness, Hankering, Hunger, Keenness, Longing, Lust, Passion, Yearning and Yen.


What is Talab called in English?
pond countable noun. A pond is a small, usually man-made, area of water. … a garden pond. /talaba, tAlAba, taalaaba, tālāb, talab, tAlAb, taalaab/


talab meaning in urdu?

Talab means quest or hunger for something. The meaning of talab in Urdu can be compared to the word ‘Addiction’ in English. The person who has talab (quest or hunger) is called Talib which means student ( particularly a student of islam).


What is Talab Arabic?
The name Talab (Arabic writing : طلب) is a Muslim boys Names. The meaning of name Talab is ” Demand. ”


How do you write Talab?
There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Talab in English is Thirstiness, and in Urdu we write it طلب.


talab – as Wiktionary

From Arabic طَلَبَ‎ (ṭalaba, “to demand, ask, beg”). Though the Arabic verb can mean “to ask God in prayer”, the general sense “to pray” is not present. In Maltese, …


gaur-talab meaning in english


गौर तलब (Gaur talab) meaning in English …

गौर तलब (Gaur talab) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मीनिंग) is (गौर तलब ka matlab english me hai). Get meaning and translation of …

talab meaning in arabic

talb meaning

talab meaning in tamil

Information and translations of Talab in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … ತಲಾಬ್Kannada; TalabDutch; TalabNorwegian; தாலாப்​Tamil

tlab meaning in english

talab meaning in telugu


Information and translations of Talab in the most comprehensive dictionary … TalabDutch; TalabNorwegian; தாலாப்Tamil; తలబ్Telugu; TalabThai .

talab meaning in tagalog


cutting through

Tagalog. talab adj. cutting through (knives)



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