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If the organism is wudoo, if a fukak or something that is difficult to leave, then what is the ruling on wudoo?
Al-Jabab Ba’un-ul-Mulk
If the thing that is soft, it is soft and the water embedded in it, such as mud of mud, nails, etc. So it is not necessary for the wudoo, and it is not necessary for the wudhu to take a hard thing on the wudhu that is contaminated with the influenza like dough. If there is no water under it, it is necessary for the wudoo, and the wudoo is not necessary. It is obvious that the fracture is Azabbela II, so it is necessary to sprinkle it, and it is not too difficult to dig it, as it is difficult to enter it, easy way to disperse the fracture itself is written in English. But if you take it, keep your hand in warm water for a while and then release it, then it will be discontinued easily. If any business is such that it needs to be repeated, then it will be difficult to repay each other, so without wudoo wudoo Will go This is the order of other things like Fukuoka.
It is in the bath, the duty is in the bath, “the sun and the beast of the beast, and the beast of the beast, and the beast of the beast. If there is no water underneath, and if the henna is guilty, it is not permissible to purify it, as it is fatwa on it, as well as mile, oil, greasy, clay, cowardice … against the food and other things like that (which is contrary to the purification) And the colors on colorful nails are not contrary (J1, p.14)
And in Fatiwa Rizviah, “The thing that a person usually needs or especially needs, is difficult to keep in mind, inside the nails or above, or in a washing place, whether it is a crime Even if it does not fall down under water, whether there is a lot of wudoo or wastewater, such as cooking, dough for lovers, color of color for Rangers, a crime for women, crime of writing for writers, laborers For cereal clay, a crime of coconut for ordinary people or cinnamon, as well as body mail, soil, balloon, fly, mosquitoes etc. “(c. 1, pp. 203) Knows best.
Syed Sarfraz Ali
Sensitive eligibility, redness

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