Wo Maah-e-‘Arab Aaj Kaa’be Meiñ Chamka
Jo Maalik Hai Saare ‘Arab o ‘Ajam Ka

In The Kaa’ba Today, The Moon of Arabia Is Glowing
The King of Arabia And The Rest of The World, He Is Being

Na Hota Agar Wo To Kuch Bhi Na Hota
Ye Jalwa Hai ‘Aalam Meiñ Sab Us Ke Dam Ka

If He Were Not, There Would Have Been Nothing
Through His Existence, Everything In The World Is Glowing

Huwa Us Taraf Rahmat-e-Haq Ka Daura
Jidhar Ho Gaya Aik Phera Karam Ka

In That Direction, The Mercy of Allah Can Be Seen Descending
In Whichever Direction, Proceeded Even Your Single Blessing

Maiñ Is ‘Adl-o-Insaaf-o-Rahmat Ke Qurbaañ
Mit’a Naam ‘Aalam Se Zulm-o-Sitam Ka

Upon This Justice, Impartiality, And Mercy, My Life I Am Sacrificing
By Which The Signs of Darkness & Obscurity, From The World Was Perishing

Kiya Saare ‘Aalam Ko Sarshaar-e-Wahdat
Ut’ha Daur Dunya Se Kufr-o-Sanam Ka

In Allah’s Oneness, He Brought The Entire World To Be Believing
The Era of Unbelief & Idol-Worship, From The World Was Perishing


Mili Ham Ko Islam-o-Imaañ Ki Daulat
Ye Hai Faiz Sab Tere Jood-e-Atam Ka

We Received Islam And Imaan’s Treasured Blessing
From Your Kindness & Generosity, All of This Is The Blessing

Hai Kaafi Hamaare Liye Do Jahaañ Meiñ
Ishaara Faqat Teri Chashm-e-Karam Ka

In Both The Worlds, For Us, This Alone Is Sufficing
If We Attain The Gesture of Your Holy Sight’s Blessing

‘Arab Waale Aaqa Ki Di Jab Duha-i
Usee Dam Huwa Rang Faq Har Alam Ka

In My Supplication, When I Mentioned The Arabian King
Immediately, I Saw The Darkness of All My Grief Fading

Yahaañ Par Lahad Meiñ Qiyaamat Meiñ Pul Par
Sahaara Hai Bas Ek Shafi’-ul-Umam Ka

Here In The Grave & On The Bridge On The Day of Reckoning
The Intercessor of The Ummah, Is Our Only Aid And Blessing

‘Arab Ke Qamar Mujh Ko Soorat Dikha Do
Maiñ Dunya Meiñ Mehmaan Huñ Ko-ee Dam Ka

Your Countenance, O Arabian Moon! Allow Me To Be Seeing
A Guest In This World, Only For A Short While, I Am Being

Khuda Ne Unheñ Laa-Makaañ Meiñ Bulaaya
Bayaañ Kis Se Ho Un Ke Jaah-o-Hasham Ka

Almighty Allah Invited Him, Beyond Space, And Everything
His Excellence And Nobility, To Whom Can I Be Explaining


Jo Rizwaañ Madine Ko Dekheñ To Keh Deñ
Ke Naqsha Hai Bilkul Ye Baagh-e-Iram Ka

If Ridwaan Were To See Madina, He Would Be Saying
A Splitting Image of Heaven’s Garden, This Is Being

Tere ‘Ilm-o-Sam’-o-Baseerat Ka Munkir
Wahabi Hai Kam-Bakht Andha Janam Ka

Your Knowledge, Hearing, And Seeing, The One Who Is Opposing
He Is A Cursed Wahabi, From Birth, Blind He Is Being

Kahe Shirk Jis Ko Usee Meiñ Ho Shaamil
Adharmi Hai Kya Theek Tere Dharam Ka

You Say It To Be Polytheism, But In The Same, You Are Joining
Void of Religion You Are, In Your Way; Reliable Is Nothing

JAMEEL Apne Aaqa Ka Mid-hat Sara Hai
Karam Hai Raza Ki Nigaah-e -Karam Ka

Jameel Is One Who Is Praising His Beloved King
It Is Through Raza’s Kind Sight, I Have Attained This Blessing

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