Jumua…as we prepare for jumua

Jumua…as we prepare for jumua.
Last night, after the well deserved celebrations of Al Aqsa, those that had sacrificed their everything for the past fortnight stayed over inside Qibli Masjid, the famous grey domed one in the Aqsa Haram Shareef. They intended i’tikaf so that they could participate in jumua salat. The chances of many of them not being allowed to attend the next day were slim if they left Aqsa. So they slept over. Some, just after locking all the doors, started tahajjud.
Thats when there was loud banging on one of the doors. A key was heard turning the levers of the lock..and approximately 100 armed soldiers stormed into the masjid.
They ordered the under 50’s to raise their hands above their heads then lie, face down on the floor.
The elderly and women were marched out onto the esplanade.
Soon they witnessed them, approximately 120 men, being marched out towards the Maghribi gate onto coaches.
ID cards taken away and arrested. Families tried all they could to contact them to no avail.
So here we are now preparing for jumua.
Please, let’s atleast mention their ordeal in jumua and make dua….

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