Masah over the Bandage or Plaster

Masah over the Bandage or Plaster

“Masah” is to wipe over a specific area, in this case, the plaster or the bandage, with wet hands. If any part of the body has to be washed in Wudu and has plaster or bandage over it, then one is permitted to make Masah over the plaster and bandage. Remember that Masah, in this case, can only be done if:

  1. By removing the bandage or plaster causes pain.
  2. Water is harmful to the wound.
  3. Water lengthens the healing process.


Without Wudu or Tayyammum, you cannot:

  1. Carry or touch the Holy Quran that is without a proper cover.
  2. Read Salaah.
  3. Make Tawaaf.
  4. Perform the Sajdah Tilaawah.

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