The Sunnahs of Ghusal

The Sunnahs of Ghusal

There are certain actions in Ghusal which are Sunnah. If you perform these actions you will get great Thawaab. These actions are:

  1. The person should make the Niyyah or intention for Ghusal.
  2. Washing the hands 3 times till the wrist.
  3. Washing the private parts thoroughly.
  4. All dirt from the body should be removed.
  5. To perform the Wudu.
  6. To pour water over the right shoulder 3 times and then over the left shoulder 3 times.
  7. To pour water over the head and the whole body 3 times.
  8. Washing the feet when Ghusal is completed and then leaving the place of Ghusal.
  9. To make Ghusal in a private place. If you are making Ghusal in the bathroom, make sure that the door is closed and nobody can see you.
  10. Make sure that you do not read or speak while making Ghusal. If somebody does call you and you need to reply then make a noise or sound like you are clearing your throat. The person will know that you are making Ghusal and will not disturb you.
  11. To dry the body with a clean towel or cloth.

(a) Do not face the Qiblah when making Ghusal or making Istinja. Remember not to build toilets and bathrooms facing the Qiblah.
(b) You may stand or sit when making Ghusal, but it is better that you sit.
(c) Do not wastewater.

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