Bandagi Meaning


Urdu Word بندگی – Bandagi Meaning in English is Worshipping

The Urdu Word بندگی Meaning in English is Worshipping. The other similar words are Ibadat, Bandagi, Parastish and Pooja. The synonyms of Worshipping …


badagi meaning in english


बदगी (Badagi) meaning in English – बदगी … –

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बदगी (Badagi) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मीनिंग) is KOWTOW (बदगी ka matlab english me KOWTOW hai). Get meaning and …

bandagi name meaning

tabandagi meaning in urdu

bandagi name meaning in urdu

bandagi rhyming words

Words and phrases that are spelled like bandagi: … Mit Jaye Bandagi, Par Haar Kar Ab Tu Kyoon Jeeyay? Beet Jayay Zindagi, Par Dil Tera Keyon Jaagey Na?

bandagi name meaning in hindi


बंदगी Meaning English – Bandgi Meaning Hindi … बंदगी Nam Arth, बंदगी Name Meaning, Kyo, kya, kab, kaise, kaun, kha, kaha, naam mean …

bandagi meaning in bengali


Bengali. সাহায্য (_H)A” means “activated” or “active.

bandagi meaning in gujarati

બંદગી Bandagi Meaning English Gujarati Matalab …

બંદગી અર્થ Arth બંદગી Meaning in English Guajarti Bandagi Bandagi Mean Means Matalab મતલબ Translate અર્થ Arth આશય, મહત્વ, …

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