manzar meaning

manzar meaning


Manzar meaning in English is Prospect and Manzar or Prospect synonym is Aspect, Candidate, Expectation, Outlook and Panorama. Similar words of Prospect includes as Prospect, Prospective, Prospector and Prospectus, where Manzar translation in Urdu is منظر.


Urdu Word منظر – Manzar Meaning in English is Aspect

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Manzar in English is Aspect, and in Urdu we write it منظر. The other meanings …


منظر into English translation and word in English | ڈکشنری

Urdu Word, Roman Urdu, Meaning in English. منظر, manzar, Aspect. Click for (​Aspect) definition. منظر, manzar, Scene. Click for (Scene) definition. منظر, manzar​ …


manzar meaning punjabi
manzar synonyms
The other similar words are Soorat, Shakal, Manzar, Hainat and Taraf. The synonyms of Aspect include are Air, Appearance, Attitude, Bearing, Condition, Countenance, Demeanor, Expression, Face, Facet, Form, Look, Manner and Mien.
manzar meaning in arabic
What does منظر (manzar) mean in Arabic?
English Translation

More meanings for منظر (manzar)
view noun

رأي, معاينة, رؤية, مشهد, مرأى
scenery noun

مشهد, ديكور, زخرفة
outlook noun

توقعات, آفاق, مستقبل, مشهد, استشراف
panorama noun

بانوراما, منظر شامل, مشهد, نظرة شاملة إلى موضوع ما
a view


pasmanzar meaning in hindi
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manzar meaning in telugu
manjar meaning in english
manjar meaning in urdu



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