Fulfilling the Purpose of Ramadan


under ela medieval monastery in
hoministes’ d un estado para o Davila
him in Sharia no see now I mean say yeah
Tina Mila hopefully Mandela I’m a new
clean fella tiene la ilaha illallah
wahdahu la sharika lah ashhadu anna
muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh yeah you
holla Dena our motto party
well at emotinal our and to muslim moon
yeah you had a suitable opportunity
follow up on my nephew he de la la
amenazó jihad about them in hamari
journaling Kathy Anissa what
topologically Tessa and wanna be here
when I’m in a logic on Honeycomb fever
I’m a bad fan a stop a hadith Akita
oh hi Randy muhammad sallallahu alayhi
wa sallam more–much defer to her vida
oh cool a banana banana thinkin now we
praise a lot of power with her either we
seek his assistance and we seek His
forgiveness we seek refuge in Allah
subhana WA Ta’ala from the evil of our
souls and we seek refuge in Allah
subhana WA Ta’ala from the evil of our
actions whomsoever Allah subhana WA
Ta’ala guide no one can miss guy and
whomsoever Allah span how at the island
he was astray no one else can guide and
I bear witness that there is none worthy
of worship except Allah to pan over to
Allah and that Muhammad sallallahu
alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger
I’m a bad we should be here standing or
sitting here praising Allah subhana WA
Ta’ala glorifying Allah Japan or Terada
and happy that Allah subhana WA Ta’ala
allowed us to reach this day allowed us
to witness this Ramadan allowed us to
witness this first Friday of the month
of Ramadan but witnessing Ramadan is a
great blessing that Allah subhana WA
Ta’ala has bestowed
upon us and it says a great blessing
that He bestows upon his slaves we know
people that witness loss from along with
yet that was their last Ramadan and they
won they will never be able to witness
another Ramadan but Allah subhana WA
Ta’ala chose us to witness another
Ramadan as another opportunity to
increase in our good deeds another
opportunity to have our sins forgiven
and another opportunity for us to be
freed from Hellfire most of us know the
story of when they were two Sahaba and
they became Muslim together one of them
passed away in as a Shaheed in the
battlefield and his friend passed away
one year later their third friend saw in
a dream that the one that passed away
one year later enter Jannah much earlier
than the one that died at the
battlefield he was very surprised and he
asked the problem have my soul Allah I
never sell them about this the prophets
Allah Allah Allah seldom said what’s
strange he not witness another Ramadan
another little further did he not have a
whole year of performing sujood to
almost panatela how many said you did he
perform in that year so the prophet
sallallaahu i seldom say there is no
strange thing that a person who lives
longer witnesses another Ramadan that
this person has a much higher status in
Jannah and enters Jenna first so it’s a
great blessing that we thank Allah
subhana WA Ta’ala for for allowing us to
witness the month of Ramadan and the
reason we thank him is because the
blessings and the reward associated with
our Milan are great the rules associated
with fasting are great and we need to
take these rewards because they’re not
there for anyone or not anyone manages
to take this road because many people
miss out on them so I see this reminds I
was out of the reward of fasting the
Prophet SAW Allah Allah Selim he tells
us in a hadith policy that Allah subhana
WA Ta’ala says couldn’t harmony be Adam
Allah a love song for in the Holy were
an HDV a lot of Hanna what Allah says
every action a son of Adam does is for
him except fasting it is for me and I
a Lhasa panel Italian saying fasting is
for him and he shall reward for it one
of the reasons for that is because when
a person does acts of worship he may do
them in a way that people think him
because in fasting he can trick others
that he is fasting with other acts of
worship you can’t trip someone that
you’re praying you have to do it anyway
you have to go through the effort anyway
for people to think that you’re praying
for you to give to further power you
have to go through the effort people
have to see you giving us other what for
fasting you can easily shoot people they
can see they won’t be monitoring you
from so hold on till photos to see if
you have eaten or not so you can easily
trick people but the reason that that
person stops himself and does not eat
even though no one is watching him is
because of his fear and I lost my no
eternal affair that a lot of pano Italia
that most of us lack or that many of us
lack throughout the year what we have it
in my Milan enough to do why it is a
great reward and we’ll have it when we
are fasting because when we are not
fasting we do sins although we know a
lot of Panem Italia is looking at us
but when we are fasting we know allah
subhanaw taala is looking at us no one
else is yet we refrain from food and
drink because of the fear of allah
spinal talent that is why it is an it’s
an action that is associative sincerity
and that is why allah subhanaw taala
it said it is for him and he shall
reward for it and the end the conclusion
of that it’s not just a statement it is
for a lot of penalty an initial word for
it there is an effect to that the effect
of that is that on the day of judgment
people after subhanAllah Hannah Tyler
judges between the people in terms of
what the wife that they’ve had towards
allah subhana wa ta’ala then after that
there will be a stage where people who
allah spanner at all judge between the
people in terms of the rights that they
had against each other because if you
harm someone you may have committed the
sin and you ask a lot elephant to
forgive you he may forgive you but the
person you have harmed if he does not
forgive you then he can take his then he
lost Hannah Tyler allow him to take what
he what he deserves to take back on the
day of judgement and the only thing the
prophet sallallaahu sell him as he
mentioned in the hadith the only
currency on the day
judgment is actions he will leave he
will take from your good deeds or he
will give you from your sins so the
prophet sallallaahu said I when he spoke
about this he said that a person will
come and he will have back boots in this
first and he would’ve swore this person
he would have harmed this person and
then they will anyone who is harmed they
they will he will give able to take from
his good deeds take from his good deeds
until and he has no more good deeds
there’s nothing else for them to take
then they they give him their sins
that’s why it’s very very important for
us that we do not oppress anyone in this
dunya and wherever we have oppressed to
ask them to forgive us now because they
will never ever forgive you in the day
of judgment when they see the the trials
and the horrors and the terrors of the
Day of Judgment no one will forgive
anyone they will want to take any a good
action that they want that they can so
they want to take from your good deeds
but Allah I know that I said fasting is
for him and he shall reward for it on
that day when they take from your good
deeds their good deeds you get from
fasting they will not be able to take
that is a reserve bank that you have
that no one can take because I was a
panel at I said it is for him and no one
can take from that so the reward that
you have for fasting will remain even if
people take all your good deeds they
cannot take from the good deeds of
fasting and that is why we need to
ensure that the reward we get for
fasting is great because the two people
may force and they won’t get them same
there was no specific reward mentioned
for fasting because it varies from
person to person the effort that they
put and also what they refrained from
doing and that is how they get higher or
so we to ensure that we get great reward
for our fasting and to ensure we do that
we need to understand that there are
levels or it comes to fasting Imam
al-ghazali mentioned he said there are
three levels when it comes to fasting
the lowest level is the level when a
person falls from through the drink and
intimacy throughout the day night hours
that’s all he does
many of us will think this is what first
thing is about this is the obligation
only of fasting it is not this is not
the fasting that is associated with the
good deeds it is the obligation you do
this you have fulfilled
obligation and you will not be held to
account for this and idea of judgment
for not having fasted but did you get
through with deeds that is dependent
what you have done elsewhere what you
have done otherwise in your in your
Faust because the prophet sallal our
they were seldom he said man let me at
that all a duty when I’m on a beach
police until I had yet NPA yeah there
are problem washer Amma whoever does not
leave full speech or acting upon it
Allah subhana WA Ta’ala is in no need
for this person to leave his food and
drink ie if you are fasting but you have
full speech and full speech is something
that is Haram saying things that have
harm such as lying such as backbiting
you do that once you are fasting and you
have force actions are you action that
are Haram you hit others or you act upon
just hang on you do that when you are
fasting and then Allah Spano Italia is
in no need for you to leave your food
and drink ahi Allah subhana WA Ta’ala
does not want your good deeds there’s
not want to give you good ezel he’s not
what you’re fasting he’s in no need for
this forcing that you have done because
you have not fasted as a lot of Hannah
what Allah wants yes you have refrained
from food and drink but you have missed
out and the purpose of fasting so a
person needs to make sure that they fast
from that which Allah subhana WA Ta’ala
had made Haram
no just from food drink and intimacy
throughout the daylight hours but also
from everything else that a las panel
Italia has made her on if they don’t do
that then they risk getting zero rewards
for their foster this Reserve Bank you
want to have on a day of judgment where
no one can take from you end up having
zero in that bank because all you have
done it stayed away from food drink and
intimacy and nothing else so a person
needs to hang my aim higher and for a
higher level of force in this first
level of fasting the only thing that it
does for you is that you are not held to
account and their judgment for not
having fasted you have the yard you have
to throw the obligation but you have
missed out on the road the second level
and the higher level is a person who
fasts from this when they’ve obligated
with the obligation from food drink and
intimacy was he also forced with his
body he fought with his eyes stay
stealing from Haram he forced his hand
they abstained from her on a fossil his
fun by up staying from her on fasting
with his ears by abstaining from Haram
this is a higher level of fasting and
this is what a person needs to try to do
Allah subhana WA Ta’ala said he are you
alladhina amanu categorical siamo
chemically very lady named el público
lender contactor own oh you who believe
fasting has been prescribed for you and
i think like it has been prescribed for
those before you so that you may attain
I lost Panna what I did not say so that
you can be hungry fasting is not for you
just to be hungry no which is for you to
attain piety if you only stay away from
food drink and intimacy then all you’ve
done is just become hungry and thirsty
you haven’t attained piety fasting is
for you to abstain from things that are
Haram as well that is the purpose of
fasting and when you fulfill the purpose
of fasting that is when you get the
reward from allah spanner water honor so
a person needs to stay away from
anything that is Haram during the
daylight hours and throughout their
whole lives for them to ensure that they
get their reward for fasting and then
the highest level of fasting of a
fasting person is a person who stays
away from all of them and on top of that
his thoughts are only about allah
subhanaw taala
are about the hereafter and his heart is
only thinking about the Hereafter about
pleasing Allah subhana WA Ta’ala not
thinking about what they’re going to
have fur farm not thinking about what
they’re going to do this they going to
do now or then or after thoroughly how
this all they are thinking about is how
do I please Allah span Hotel a person
who fast like this has achieved the
highest level of fasting and this person
achieves the most reward in terms of
their fasting and that is the level that
people need to try to achieve because
fasting actually linguistically means to
abstain from something fasting Psalm in
the Arabic language means to abstain
from something and this person has
abstained from everything other than
Allah Japan or China they abstain from
everything other than pleasing Allah
span over China and the more you abstain
from these stuff the more reward
you get for your fasting so these are
the three levels of fasting and we need
to try achieve the higher levels of
fasting so that we can be from those who
are rewarded by Allah subhana WA Ta’ala
not from those who all they get from
their forcing is hunger and thirst and
that’s all I only had that was tough to
rely on you wanna come in silence they
mean – oh allah oh allah and he also
human wala i’m not bad for us to try and
achieve these higher levels of fasting
we need to look at them in more detail
so let’s look at the second level the
things that we said a person needs to
fast with his limbs so take these limbs
look at your feet first with your feet
how does the person foster his feet he
ensures these feet they only take him to
that which pleases Allah span or tirana
these feet they don’t walk to haram they
long drive the car towards the haram
they only walk towards the massagin they
walk towards the places that please
Allah subhana WA Ta’ala towards the
bookshelf to pick up the Quran when a
person does that these feet his feet
only take him to that which is halal
this is how a person flows with his feet
a person can force with his hands such
as these hands do not touch that which
is Haram they only touch that which
pleases Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala they
don’t touch anything Haram they stay
away from that but they do the things
that pieces a lot span over time and
they hold the Quran they take lead our
person to do things that are pleasing to
Allah span or tada
they move interest behalf Allah
Subhanahu WA Ta’ala so that’s how a
person can fast what is it with his
hands a person can pass with his eyes by
assuring these eyes they don’t look at
Haram and hamdulillah we are blessed so
far in this month in that the weather
hasn’t been very hot like it was in
previous years but the person there are
many other opportunity for a person to
look at how I’m on the television or
anything like that so a person needs to
make sure these eyes they don’t look at
Haram particularly it was the person is
fasting so that TV shows he is really
fasting for the sake of allah subhanahu
these eyes you don’t look at how long
they don’t witness how
oh they look at these things that please
almost pan over China they look at the
Quran they look at the person’s parents
and and family and spouse and children
in in in of in a pleasing way with a
smile to bring happiness to them and as
an act of charity and tours brothers in
an act of charity this is what these
eyes do and the mask does smiling and
being pleased and being peaceful with
others that is how a person really
Faust’s with their limbs that’s how a
person can faust with his eyes
a person can also fast these ears to
ensure that these is they don’t listen
to her on that these is that what they
listen to these things that please Allah
subhana WA Ta’ala they listen to the
recitation of the Quran religion –
Islamic reminders they listen to the
remembrance of allah subhana wa ta’ala
they listen to things that please Allah
subhana WA Ta’ala and they don’t listen
to her arm they don’t listen to gossip
they don’t listen to backbiting a person
shouldn’t be involved in that Allah
subhana WA Ta’ala says in the Quran
about those who witness gatherings in
which a lot of Hannah wa’ta’ala and his
verses are mocked a lot of pano Italia
says about not about those who say this
about those who sit in those gatherings
I lost an analysis in a comedian
verily you are just like them if you are
there listening to something that’s it
that is displeasing to Allah Japan or
Terada and you don’t speak out against
it or at least walk away from it then
you have also used it as if like you
have committed this as I was para matar
I said in a comedian McLuhan verily you
are like them
so you need to make sure that especially
in Ramadan as well as well as outside of
Ramadan that you don’t listen to any
conversations that involve Haram
conversation involves swearing
conversation that involved backbiting
conversations that involve gossip
especially in concept which is very easy
which is widespread in this community
and the society a person makes sure that
he doesn’t involve himself in that
particular if he is fasting he can’t
stop people just walk away make sure
that these is become pure and I’ll
continue to be pure in this blessed
month and also outside of this blessed
well this please try to move more to the
side to allow everyone to come in
we’ll have more people coming in please
try to move more to the side and come
closer together
from the other thing that the person can
do to ensure that he Faust’s with his
limbs and is the very important one is
to fasten his tongue
this is a very important thing this the
tongue I will work around the Abajo and
the best of humans after the prophets he
would hold his tongue and he would say
this hadn’t let me order than in Mahatma
holic this is the thing that’s is
sending me to destruction
this is Abu Bakr the Allah and so how
about us I said it’s a limb that every
day the actions and I go every day all
the limbs they say to them every morning
they say to the tongue Fair Allah with
us because people commit a lot of sins
with their tongues so this is the
opportunity for a person to practice his
fasting and it’s fast a fasting with the
tongue the tongue does not indulge in
anything that displeases Allah subhana
WA Ta’ala that you do not swear that you
do not say how long that you do not
backbite that you do not indulge in
gossip or anything that displeases Allah
subhana WA Ta’ala and on top of that
that you are only remembering allah
subhana wa ta’ala with this tongue you
are using this phone to say subhanallah
al hamdulillah la ilaha illa llah Allah
Akbar you are using this Punk to recite
the Quran you are using this phone to
enjoin the good and forbid the evil a
person who is like this he fall he truly
fasts with his tongue and he truly fast
with these limbs not only that but he
even abstains from things that are not
Haram what bring no benefit I indulge in
conversation that bring no benefit or
with his eyes staying away from watching
the football matches or anything else
like that you are not in sin if you do
that but this is fasting forcing is
abstaining this is where you practice to
abstain from things that you can
continue for the rest of your life
abstaining from things that bring you no
benefit when a person looks at fasting
what a person actually does in fasting
in terms of the obligation is that he
stays away from the essence of life he
stays away from food drink and intimacy
ie come from food and drink to stay
alive and from reproduction these are
the things that keep life going and a
person is practicing that he is staying
away from the essence
of life that’s what he practices while
he is fasting so he can then after that
it becomes even going to stay away from
things that are firmly complimentary
matters such as watching watching the
football or indulge in conversations
about things that bring you no benefit a
person who should practice now in Ramah
want to stay away from all of that and
make sure that he truly fast with his
limbs and this is how a person achieved
this second level of fasting and the
third one that you mention is it is too
fast with your heart and with your
thoughts are you throughout the whole
day all you are thinking about is a lot
of hannover to Allah when am I going to
recite the Quran what am I going to do
that pleases Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala
what are things that what are the things
that I’m going to learn today
what are the good deeds I want to
increase in doing today that is all you
are thinking about not thinking about
food nothing about planning your
entertainment or anything like that only
thinking about allah subhana wa ta’ala
you do that and you have really really
fasted and this is how you can be from
those who gets a great reward from allah
subhana wa ta’ala due to their fasting
because like we said at the beginning
the fasting is not just it’s not there
is no equal reward for fasting there’s
no specific word mention it is based
upon how well your thoughts and fasting
means to abstain from things it is based
upon how well you abstain from things
that are not necessarily because you
have to fill the obligation by staying
away from things that are necessary now
is the time to fulfill to do more to do
what is required and what a lot Hannah
Tyler wants from you and to do the
purpose of fasting which is to stay away
from the things that are not necessary
and that is how you achieve piety that
is how you achieve the purpose of
fasting why Allah Spano Italia
legislating this fasting and when a
person fast like this he gets a great
mood and then it is no surprise why the
person from the Sahaba who died one year
later antigen much earlier than the one
that died in the battlefield is because
this person witnessed our Milan
witnessed a whole month when he fasted
like the Sahaba would fast
fasted with his leg
with his heart with his mind with his
thoughts with everything only focused on
allah subhana wa ta’ala and the reward
for that is immense
imagine a generous person telling you
i’m going to reward you that’s you know
he’s going to give you something good
he’s not going to give you something
what about allah al karim when he says
wa ana HDB and i shall reward fruit
specified and he said fasting is for me
it says for a Lost Planet Allah and he
shall reward for it must mean that there
is a great great rule would associated
with it only if we can fulfill the
purpose of fasting and be from those who
really fast as Allah spanha what Allah
wants from them to force and on that not
also fasting is it in a training ground
for us so we shouldn’t we know where
they were staying away from food and
drink for at the daylight hours we
shouldn’t when it comes to afar over
indulge in eating and eat too much as if
to make up we’re better to make up for
the missed food that we didn’t have we
should have it as it as it is one meal
as a meal you would have not over
indulging in eating and all you’re
thinking about is what you’re going to
eat because then how have you fulfilled
the purpose the purpose is to train you
that you don’t need this what you have
done is that you have trained yourself
is that you can wait for this
you’ve only trained yourself to wait not
to abstain and that’s not what the first
thing as fasting is training you to
abstain so make sure that you or when it
comes to a father you don’t overindulge
because you then get used to this and
all you are thinking and you look you’re
looking forward is to eating and then
you are using all you’ve done is trained
to wait not trained to abstain you do
that with food and drink and then you
become event you be are able to do that
with others so that they think the other
thing that we said you must fast away
for you must fast and abstain from you
can do that you you train yourself no
I’m not I’m waiting so I can commit this
sin later no I’m abstaining because I
don’t need to do this
oh I’m abstaining because I don’t need
to do it even if it’s not the same I’m
abstaining because I don’t need to do
this action so with that a person
achieves the highest levels of fasting
so ask Allah subhana WA Ta’ala to accept
our fasting to allow our forcing to meet
and say if we say
to allow us to have the highest levels
in fasting so allow us to achieve the
greater levels of fasting and so I know
this Ramadan to be a Ramadan where we
offered forgiving
I know Ramadan where we are freed from
Hellfire and our Madonna we are raised
in ranks and to allowance to witness
narrative other and TV from those who
increased in good deeds in narrative
other good deeds that are accepted by
allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala
only had that was tough for allah how do
you what a for money side mostly mean
just stop throwing over former him or
sunny love him I was sitting in my body

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