as the world is locked down in a state
of darkness and disease and the houses
of Allah are close to his servants for
the first time in history.

we may witness sorrow move on in complete and total
lockdown SubhanAllah in these difficult
times what can we do except good to
repel evil bismillah this armoured van we
have partnered with charity right to
create a truly life-changing movement we
want to feed every single hungry and
poverty-stricken soul we encounter in
the places afflicted with severe
hardship answer more people like the
Rohan Jian refugees in Bangladesh the
severely oppressed we gon’ Muslims who
have migrated to turkey just to survive
the poor and abandoned children of the
slums in places like Dhaka and Pakistan
and the Eritrea refugees of Sudan the
the charity we have partnered with already
has people on the ground in each of
these locations alhamdulillah but as
more and more people are in need and
their funds are depleted who will come
forward with mercy to feed our Ummah in
need could it be that our current
situation is due to the neglect of our
brothers and sisters who are suffering
Allah will not change the condition of a
people until they change themselves so
we as a community must unite and poverty
in the Ummah and provide food f

or anyone
who needs it and sha allah together we
can change the world the happy for lhasa
de la rasilla which is authentic come to
our mind which is that the best charity
is to feed a hungry person in fact allah
subhana wa ta’ala gives numerous points
in the quran and numerous times in the
allah subhanho wa taala points towards
this being the greatest charity and
allah says in surah ballad ow it are our
one to feed a person in Tamil film and
vemma scrubber to feed a person on a day
which is very tough and very difficult
severe difficulty severe poverty right
yet teaming the macoraba and who to feed
an orphan was close to your family
I’ll miss Kenan or a poor person with a
Victrola who is very distressed for more
information please check the link in the
description below

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