How to Enable your Microphone in Google Chrome

How to Enable your Microphone in Google Chrome | How to Turn On Microphone in Chrome


What You Should Know

Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner.
Alternatively, at the top of Chrome, click the lock icon next to the URL and select Site Settings.
Set permissions for particular websites in the Custom behaviors section.
This article shows how to enable or disable camera and microphone access in Chrome. The instructions are applicable to all desktop machines running the most recent version of Chrome.


How to Get to the Chrome Camera and Mic Settings

You may prohibit a website from accessing your microphone or camera or enable a website to access either of them, under Chrome’s settings menu.

Select the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of Chrome.

Select Settings in the Chrome browser with the Chrome menu highlighted.

Chrome menu settings selected
To enter the Settings menu, use a keyboard shortcut. On Windows, press Alt+F, Alt+E, or F10, then Spacebar. On a Mac, hold down Command+ (comma).

Select the Privacy and security tab.

Chrome browser, Privacy and security enabled
Select Site Settings from the drop-down menu.

Site Settings are selected in Chrome’s browser settings.
Select Camera in the Permissions section, which includes the Camera and Microphone options.

Chrome’s camera and microphone settings
Sites can ask to utilize your camera if you activate the option. Repeat the procedure for the microphone and enable the Sites can request to use your microphone option.

Permission for sites to use cameras
More Site Configuration Options
If you have numerous microphones or cameras, you can use a drop-down menu next to the default listing to select which one to use as the default device for Chrome.

Turn on the Don’t allow sites to use your microphone (or camera) option to prevent all access to your microphone (or camera).

Chrome browser microphone configuration options
Individual websites can have their camera and microphone access configured or blocked manually. Add them under Not allowed to use your camera (or microphone) or Allowed to use your camera in the Custom Behaviors section (or microphone).

Chrome camera settings’ Custom Behaviors section
When you remove a website from the block list, it does not automatically go to the allow list, and vice versa. The same concept applies to the list of permitted devices. Deleted sites are not added to the list of prohibited sites.


In Windows, how can I enable a microphone?
Go to Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone on Windows. Then, in the Allow apps to access your microphone area, flip the switch to on.

How can I turn my Android device’s microphone on and off?
Select Settings > Site Settings from the Chrome app. Then, hit Microphone and toggle the Microphone switch on or off.



In today’s tutorial, we will teach you how to enable microphone in Google Chrome.
Open Google Chrome. Go to the right top corner and click on the three dots. Choose ‘Settings’. Scroll down and look for ‘Advanced’.
Click on ‘Content settings’. Choose ‘Microphone’. Turn the switch on next to ‘Block’ option.

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