Ze Eshqat Lyrics
By: Sami Yusuf & Seyyed Hossein Nasr

I am so drunk from Thy love that I no longer know myself,
I am in wonderment in this drunkenness and yet remain silent.
Being away from Thee is not possible, nor is Thy embrace full of love,
Yet bewildered am I from the perfume of Thy black hair.
Unveil Thy Face, O Saki, for my soul is in quest.
Give a gulp of that wine that will remove my breath and mind.
In this monastery full of affliction I have accepted much suffering
With this thought—that one day I would drink the wine of gnosis.
In this world I have Thee, I have Thee alone.
Union with Thee is the goal of my life; I continue to strive on this path.

The fervor for meeting Thee burns within me like fire,
I continue to burn in this fire though I am annihilated and silent.

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